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540 votes

"std::endl" vs "\n"

303 votes

With arrays, why is it the case that a[5] == 5[a]?

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Why is "using namespace std;" considered bad practice?

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Is the sizeof(some pointer) always equal to four?

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In C++, if throw is an expression, what is its type?

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DFA vs NFA engines: What is the difference in their capabilities and limitations?

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Using GPL 3rd party code for internal closed source project

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Is the practice of returning a C++ reference variable evil?

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Why are all-caps constant considered bad coding style?

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When are C++ macros beneficial?

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How do I align a number like this in C?

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Can virtual functions have default parameters?

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In which scenario do I use a particular STL container?

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Why does Android use Java?

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How difficult is it to turn a "Java School" programmer into a C or C++ programmer?

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Why is it impossible to have a reference-to-void?

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Is it safe to recompile an executable while it's running?

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What are the most useful new features in C99?

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Significant new inventions in computing since 1980

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Are constant C expressions evaluated at compile time or at runtime?

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Why is the use of alloca() not considered good practice?

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Why do many software projects fail today?

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How can I define a C function in one file, then call it from another?

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Accessing private members

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When to pass by reference and when to pass by pointer in C++?

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What belongs in an educational tool to demonstrate the unwarranted assumptions people make in C/C++?

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What's "P=NP?", and why is it such a famous question?

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What are five things you hate about your favorite language?

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Why return a negative errno? (e.g. return -EIO)

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c++ integer->std::string conversion. Simple function?

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