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Amazon FBA Expert -Product Research -Sourcing -Listing-PPC-SEO-Ranking
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👉🏻 Hello, I am an Amazon Seller Central Expert and eCommerce Manager with 7+ years of experience. By education I am a Technical Person with Masters Degree in Mathematics.

✔️ I have served over 600+ Amazon sellers all over the world and the number keeps growing with most of them generating on an average of $100K – $500K per month.

✔️ I possess expertization in Product Research, Sourcing, Listing, Optimization and Sponsored ads acting as a Virtual/Personal Assistant. I am a Member of Scott Voelker / Mark Scot Adams / Greg Mercer group and so many more to be up to date with Amazon Rules and strategy. I attend all the webinars to be up to date with Latest Amazon Trends and Techniques. I can offer you all the service about amazon listed bellow

►Amazon Marketing & Management►

  • Product Research with following attributes :

-Profitable Products -Low Competition -Small & Lightweight -No Legal Issues -Existing High Demand -No supplements -Low Reviews -Not Seasonal Product ( selling around the year)

  • Add products to sell against existing listings;

  • Add new products via templates according to all Amazon requirements;

  • Listings SEO (adding most relevant keywords to product title, search terms, setting correct categories, sale prices, merging child items that are on different pages to one parent, providing recommendations what should be added to listing – photos, size charts, other information etc);

  • Listing fixes (suppressed and other product page errors);

  • Reporting – sales and profit reports (including clear structure of all Amazon commissions and fees, costs of returns, overhead costs such as subscription fees, inbound transportation charges for FBA users etc);

  • FBA management (analysis and providing suggestions which products and how many should be sent to FBA, shipping plans creation, FBA analytics);

  • Inventory health management – reports about FBA inventory age, recommendations what should be done to sell out slow inventory to avoid long term storage fees etc);

  • Return management – reports of client’s returns with customer’s reasons and recommendations how to avoid them in future;

  • Account health and feedback rate management – tracking seller performance metrics, providing recommendations how to improve them, sending feedback requests to customers, deleting unfair negative feedbacks);

  • Amazon Sponsored Products management – Amazon PPC advertising;

  • Communication with accounts owners, strategy discussions.

– Other daily tasks as needed.

Do feel free to contact me if you require any further information or provide me your contact details and appropriate time, I will call you to discuss your requirements to come at a Point to make your Project Successful.

I am always happy to help more clients to improve their business.

Kind Regards,


Co-Founder & COO|Tridge Commerce Pvt. Ltd.

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