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Hi! My name is Megehndra S Yadav and I have been in development since 2010 when I started a little journal site via my web development job. Since then things have gotten a little better ;-)

I currently work in New Delhi. My personal focus is on server side programming, release process, automation, and standards based web site design.

The primary technologies I use are PHP, Laravel and MySQL, but programming is more about understanding the logic of process than the specific language you create it with. I utilize and advocate web standards like CSS and XHTML as much as possible because I believe that they are dramatically changing the Internet. Not to mention they make my life, and the clients life, easier and less expensive. These are just a few of my ideals I try to keep in mind when working. I also have a keen interest inF/OSS projects such as WordPress which I used to develop plugins for.

As a web developer, if you’re to be successful, you have to have a constant yearning for learning new things. In an industry that evolves rapidly, you’ve got to keep up or you risk being obsolete and outdated. Keeping up with trends, weeding out the fads, and adopting new techniques to your web-building arsenal is an essential part of being a web developer.

I spend (literally) most of the day in front of the computer and even in my spare time, I choose to read, learn, and keep up with web technology news. This leads to a massive collection of bookmarked links, but through the years, there are only a handful of websites that I frequent.

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