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Student at Milton Friedman University - Budapest - [email protected]
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I would like to find a job (preferably a remote workplace in the next 3 years because of the University) with a friendly atmosphere where I can improve my recent knowledge (including coding and languages). My native is Hungarian, I am quite good in English (both written and oral) - BUT not native, speak basic German and basic Italian (these 2 languages must be improved and I am open to it).

I have a bachelor degree in economics, and a master's degree in EU finances. My school on Milton Friedman University is on Friday afternoons from 1 p.m CET, and on Saturdays (every 2 weeks a month), thus I would like to have an employer who respects it, and supports me with the schedule to be there in person, it is not a must, but I am happy to attend my school personally (if the virus and the relevant law allows that!). I study there with 100% scholarship, so I don't need any financial support!

I have some years of job experience of being an accountant, and I was also working for a bank (also for corporate and for private individual tasks: loans and risk management).

REALLY important, but personal information: I would love to live by the sea, I love to sunbathe (tan), and swim in the ocean, my aim is to learn surfing!

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