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GhostCat salutes Monica C.

Clean Code advocate

You probably came to this profile, wondering about the strange user name. The intention behind that is to create awareness about a very import struggle that peaked on the Stack Exchange network beginning of September 2019.

To learn about the background, start here or there. And then, if you care, join the community in our struggle for a joint future!

  • Update your username/avatar accordingly. Invite your friends on the Stack Exchange network to look into this, too.
  • Spread the word. Just posting on meta often goes unheard. So: turn to Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, ... and let the world know what you think! (but please remember: above all, be nice. Be respectful. )










Mainly a contributor to Beyond that, I participate on MSO, MSE, and various other SE communities, mostly around software/IT topics.

My primary goal on is to help other folks solving their problems. Sometimes I am very direct; so please understand that I am not rude on intention - just honest.

If you disagree with something I say: simply speak up; I appreciate any (constructive) feedback!

On, I proudly hold a few gold badges, like:

  • java tag: Awarded Sep 23 '16
  • Illuminator: Awarded Jul 8 '17
  • Legendary: Award Sept 7 '17

Personal background

I studied computer science in the late 90ies at the "Universität of Karlsruhe"; nowadays known as KIT.

After some years with smaller companies, I am working as software engineer at a global IT player for more than 15 years by now.

I started programming in Java more or less shortly after Java 1.02 became available. Java is still my main love, but there were hot affairs with C, C++, perl, python, and other, less known languages.

I am very much convinced that the only reasonable way to do "enterprise java" programming is to focus on "clean code" and "tdd/unit testing".

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