During my studies of Physics I discovered my love and dedication for Apple Computers. I finished my studies at University without degree and took work at Hermstedt AG, Mannheim which were famous for their Macintosh DSL and ISDN equipment. At this company I was the main developer for ISDN Webshuttle.

When Hermstedt went insolvent I took measure for completing my knowledge by reading a lot of computational literature to become expert in Linux. My main stress was set to Linux Server, mainly SuSE with Email Server, Web Server, Directory Services, Databases, further C++ Development but also Web Development in HTML and Java Script.

5 years later, when labor market boomed, I got a job at Pro2col Limited where I was developing StingRay - a former Hermstedt product - based on Linux, but together with Macintosh Stingray Client.

I hold this position to the very last - when Pro2col germany ceased to exist - they closed there office and I hold another 1/2 year in my living room together with our apprentice repairing StingRays. When our apprentice finished apprenticeship I terminated.

Softwaredeveloper Company Name:ThinPrint Dates Employed:Jan 2015 – Present Employment Duration:2 yrs 11 mos Location:Berlin Cortado AG has split into different companies. Working for ThinPrint means same Job, same location, same colleagues - just different company name.

I am working on Mac OS X and iOS projects.

Softwaredeveloper Company Name:Cortado AG Dates Employed:Aug 2013 – Dec 2014 Employment Duration:1 yr 5 mos Location:Berlin I was working on Mac OS X and iOS projects.

Softwaredeveloper Company Name:LaserSoft Imaging AG Dates Employed:Jul 2012 – Mar 2013 Employment Duration:9 mos Location:Kiel Developing an advanced printing application for huge format printers (>=Din A3) for Apple Macintosh in Objective-C and Cocoa.

Developing an iOS application for sending SMS over remote control of satellite telephones using Bluetooth.

Softwaredeveloper and Support Engineer Company Name:Pro2col Limited Dates Employed:Oct 2007 – Jun 2012 Employment Duration:4 yrs 9 mos Location:Mannheim Developing StingRay FTS under Linux in C++. Here I had totally freedom to develop myself to extend the StingRay FTS by extending the Webinterface with components in various programming languages.

Additionally I improved Macintosh StingRay Client.

Softwaredeveloper Company Name:Hermstedt AG Dates Employed:Aug 2001 – Dec 2002 Employment Duration:1 yr 5 mos Location:Mannheim Developing applications for configuring WebShuttle ISDN for Apple Macintosh

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