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I'm 78, semi retired. 10 years in a factory 40 years in Telstra Research laboratories, electromagnetics, EMC digital design, Satellite technology, fibre optics, antennae design using 3D EM simulation. Developed near field testing techniques, Cable simulators for ADSL and VDSL (recieved state government award for supervising engineering students to develop this device). Qualified fitter and turner, TIG welder and metrologist (the science of measurement). Consultant in the early days of the Square kilometre antennae array.(seconded from TRL to perform this work) Consultant in problem solving Australia's over the horizon radar project.(seconded again) Consultant in Australia's surface wave radar project.(seconded again) Developed multiple independent beam technologies (now used in 5G). Developed techniques for increasing patch antenna bandwidth from approx 1% to over 30% was an invited fellow of the HPS dep. Univ. Melb. for some years. Authored and co authored 10 peer reviewed papers in respected international journals on QM and EM. Small business design manufacture specialized components for low noise radio astronomy receivers and unique ultra low noise interdigital filter design. Amateur astronomer and optician, also consultant for amateur radio astronomy. Technical consultant in the restoration and modernizing of large professional heritage telescopes. Currently involved in using a restored heritage telescope (Hewitt camera, 34" 7 ton f1 Schmidt) to track satellites for the UK Dept. of defence. Also the optical and electronic consultant for the restoration and modernizing of a 5 ton Baker Nunn 31" f1 Schmidt camera for (new modern cooled astro camera re-figuring and redesigning of water damaged corrector plate (24"inch lens)). Also involved with the modernizing and restoration of a 30 ton Uppsala Schmidt telescope Still studying EM, QM, Radio astronomy, Optical design and physics.

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