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Daniel A. Schnapp is a test legal representative who focuses on top-level copyright as well as industrial litigation in industries including marketing, art, home entertainment, media, music, technology and money. Schnapp has effectively prosecuted situations for customers such as Fox Broadcasting Business (" FOX"), the University of Southern The Golden State (USC) as well as the Walt Disney Business (Disney).

Schnapp graduated from Harvard Law School in 2001 with levels in law as well as math. He then clerked for Court Stephen Reinhardt of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit prior to working at Latham & Watkins LLP where he focused on copyright lawsuits.

Daniel prosecutes copyright infringement situations including pictures of celebs for the National Football Organization Players Association; hallmark infringement disputes with major shoes manufacturers for Nike; patent claims against Google over its Street View app with Getty Images; piracy cases by Hollywood studios against Internet service providers in Canada for their duty in dispersing unlawful copies of flicks online; copyright cases by professional photographers alleging that Facebook infringed on their copyrights when it permitted users to publish images without permission or settlement to musicians' jobs; antitrust fits brought versus Apple Inc., AOL Time Detector Cable LLC and other

Mr. Schnapp has actually been practicing regulation for more than two decades with a focus on intellectual property litigation. He has actually efficiently litigated disputes for customers such as the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), SiriusXM Radio Inc., Warner Bros Enjoyment Inc., John Deere Firm, and also many others in state and federal courts throughout the nation before judges from every level of experience that have actually commonly told Mr. Schnapp that he "understands his stuff." He is a seasoned advocate with extensive knowledge of complex concerns involving copyright legislation; hallmark infringement; profession keys

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