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Trying to learn enough to be able to help somebody build a Bot for Discord so having to learn a lot of new stuff and not being a programmer just makes it more fun, difficult, frustrating. At 66 I am wondering why I am doing this!!!

OLD History VERY new to GIS in any format! As a Parish Councillor (volunteer, unpaid position) I have identified a need to be able to add our own layers to Ordnance Survey mapping data. So, here I am trying to get to grips with GIS concepts in general and QGIS specifically.

I consider myself to be computer savvy but have never had to learn complicated software in a field I know so little about. I use forums quite a bit but not in such a techie rich environment so the whole stackexchange environment and forum layout is new to me and a little daunting. I keep thinking that at 58 years of age I shouldn't be doing this to myself :)

Very slowly getting to grips with GIS and the software technology that accompanies it. As I learn more I realise that there are more 'real life' uses that I could put QGIS to. I would like to have a layers for all the Parish street furniture and I particularly want to produce an application that will enable us to log data about our street lights including fault reports, repairs and associated costs etc. Recently realised that I may well have to get to grips with some sort of database product and thinking that PostgreSQL might be the way forward.

The more I learn the more I realise I do not know and the bigger the tasks get :)

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