Mohamed Taman

Sr. Enterprise Architect / Sr. Software Engineer

Currently, I am a Sr. Enterprise Architect @Devtech d.o.o. A frequent software consultant with 20+ years' experience in Software development/management, especially in Java and its ecosystems.

Current challenges are to transform digital services into potential visible products with (MVP) in mind, to build innovative and state-of-art solutions, for smarter tomorrow products and platforms. For Enterprise, Consumers, and ease of integration developers APIs, to handles, ~10M transactions daily, efficiently, and securely.

I am holding a B.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering, major Electrical Engineering in 2005, & Computer/Automatic Control Diploma in 1999.

The Past & current Business/Dev. Experiences are firmly in Java, the Web, Mobile & Data for financial, Banking, Tourism, Government, and healthcare industries, as I worked previously for Pfizer, IBM, Silicon Expert, Google, Oracle & e-finance.

Hands-on several technologies like UI/UX, Frontend Engineering, DevOps, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Microservices, Databases, & Integrations of large-scale systems.

Participate in R&D & innovation efforts for Scandinavian Government projects using Big Data, Cloud, & Blockchain-based technologies.

A Java Champions & Oracle Groundbreakers Ambassador, enjoy speaking at international conferences, to evangelizes new Java SE, EE, & my vast experience worldwide.

Member of Adopt-a-JSR of JakartaEE, OpenJDK. A JCP member, 2014 JCP Executive Committee member, expert group (EG) of JSRs 354, 363 & 373.

EGJUG leader, Oracle Egypt Architects Club board member, won 2013, 2014, 2015 Duke's choice awards, 11th annual JCP adopt 2013 awards, & United Nations Mobile Hackathon 2015 worldwide.

I am blogging and most valuable blogger @DZone, JavaCodeGeek, Oracle, @InfoQ, and IBM Developers Work.

Authored a "JavaFX essential" book, "Getting Started with Clean Code Java SE 9", "Hands-On Java 10 Programming with JShell" video training. And working on my new book "Secrets of the Java champion."

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