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Software Developer at Koa Health

I look back at when I began this professional journey and so many things have happened in all those 16 years.

After intensively working with the .NET framework while building websites for FIFA, playing around with Mobility and digging into JavaScript's most inner intricacies I'm still amazed of what the world of software development is bringing into the table. There's always something new to try and new ways to solve problems in a more elegant and productive fashion.

Most of my past experiences have been as an employee in a product company but I've also tasted the wildness of being a consultant. Being in such a position forces you to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise so you have to be in touch with a huge variety of technologies, mastering what you already know and keeping an eye on what's new and hot.

In July 2016 I had the wonderful opportunity to start working with two colleagues in a brand new company. Just the three of us facing new challenges and learning paths. Some may think it was a scary scenario but I enjoyed it a lot!

Eventually, the team grew, and we used cutting edge technologies and best practices in order to achieve our goals. No hierarchy but true consensus is what led our team. We discussed everything and heard all the opinions of our team members before making a decision, be it technical or based on a different matter. No timetables, remote work was welcome, it was easy to make family life compatible with my professional duties.

Undoubtedly, for me, Valudio has been the greatest professional experience so far.

In May 2018 I accepted a new challenge at Telefónica Alpha with the promise of being able to change people's lives and help them have a healthier life. We're still working in order to make this promise a reality!

In the last years, my fondness for Rust and WebAssembly has grown and I'm looking for oportunities to put all this into play whenever possible.


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