Alexandre Patriota

Professor of Statistics at University of Sao Paulo. My areas of interest are (not in this particular order): Coherence, Mathematics, Perspectivism, Philosophy, Probability, Science in general, Statistics.

Selected publications:

  1. Patriota, AG (2013). A classical measure of evidence for general null hypotheses, Fuzzy sets and Systems 233, 74-88 (pdf).

  2. Patriota, AG (2012). On scale-mixture Birnbaum–Saunders distributions, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 142 (7), 2221-2226 (pdf)

  3. Patriota, AG (2012). A q-Exponential regression model, Sankhyã, series B 74 (1), 149-170 (pdf)

  4. Patriota, AG, Bolfarine, H, de Castro, M (2009). A heteroscedastic structural errors-in-variables model with equation error, Statistical Methodology 6 (4), 408-423 (pdf)