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Tejaswi R
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  • Bangalore

Am obsessed with films and South Park. Am passionate about good design and destructive learning. Video design and editing is what keeps me ticking nowadays. I am a graduate from BITS Pilani. It was my time there which made me learn that I can be wrong and do right at the same time.

I am currently part of a super team a startup solving complex loud data integration problems with a simple DIY one button product. Being a non-techie, my focus is on building great content and building a self empowered community of customers.

Previously I had been part of NEN - National Entrepreneurship Network, India till Jan 2014. I helped build the Entrepreneur Academy, a video based learning platform for entrepreneurs and by entrepreneurs.

Am all eyes and ears to absorb any knowledge that comes my way, My dream is to make a film and watch it in a theater (won’t mind if am the only one in there). I also has a very comfortable easy-chair at my native in Mangalore which I love to sit on and blank-think.

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