Darius Mandres

React/React Native Developer

Hey there,

Here are some things about me that I think could make you consider hiring me for a software development position:

  • I have 4+ years of experience building web apps and have worked extensively with frameworks like React, Redux/MobX/Recoil, Python (Flask), NodeJS, and 100% Typescript. Alright, maybe that’s not enough, everybody seems to have those these days...

  • I work with both React web apps and React-Native apps and have experience building and deploying efficient codebases that share around 90% of the code between the different platforms. Still not good enough? I’ll keep trying then…

  • I’m also a full-stack developer with backend experience, GraphQL/REST, SQL and have built a variety of different servers using Python and the lightweight Flask framework. I honestly prefer frontend development, but I have no trouble diving into the backend side of things too...

  • There are quite a few startups running their entire business on the apps that I’ve built for them on my own while working remotely from the EU. Hopefully this helps convince you that I’m reliable and that I can be counted on...

  • I code in my free time and I’m currently building a social media platform on the scale of Facebook that will hopefully one day change the way we interact with each other. As a fun little side note, I also plan to take this to AR/VR once the technology makes it worth it...

  • I’ve also learnt everything on software development from Google. I do have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, but really, I’ve learnt everything from Google, Stack Overflow, and building projects for clients as I went. I really hope that by now you’re at least considering…

  • I work remote, and I am great within a team as well as on my own. I have seen it all at this point and I am very comfortable in any kind of work environment. I am very reliable to get the job done on my own and also can be counted on to lead a team.

I really hope that I’ve given you enough reasons to consider my application. If so, I do invite you to read my resume and perhaps send me an email to schedule a quick chat :)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best, Darius Mandres

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