Tino Mclaren

WPF C# C++ Mainly helping Gov, TV & Airbase.

Now in my 50's I have subbed for a lot of the giants (Intel, IBM, Google, Motorola, MOD, FIA). Now personally concentrating in area's of sensitive security & encryption. Our UI/code stack includes WPF, C++, C#, Go & Qt.

Originally employed by IBM as an electronics engineer working with MCS microcontrollers across the board. I started my own SME in 2002, our work often contributing to consumer electronics (TV boxes, in-car media tech & satnav to name a few) and industrial control (National Grid sub relay tech, Smart transceivers, BT control & Z-Wave).

Machine Code & Assembly were my first loves learning on Intel MCS51/52 series, PIC & more recently an array of smart development microcontroller systems with real time operating systems RTOS (utilising BT LE, Mesh networks, Wi-fi and GSM).

Long time StackOverflow member, unfortunately I'm very busy with my company & would have liked to contribute more on the Stack network. I have a team of 10+ employee's most of whom have been with me quite a few years now who I encourage to contribute.

Im also a musician, ex college lecturer and proud father of five.

Note: The community has changed over the years and more recently has become a little hostile but meta has much more to say on that. It's certainly sad certain folk feel being rude is acceptable. I can tell you that its not and we all reap what we sow.

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