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To create that which will ensure the survival of humankind. That which will help humankind expand into the universe for survival purposes, with an emphasis on reducing suffering, violence, et cetera. To create technology for these purposes. To be aware of, learn, practice, apply, enhance, and teach relevant skills of technology. -Currently: The computer.

-Specifically: Programming. -More specifically: Programming languages that lean toward full control, speed, power, et cetera. Not monetary-oriented focuses such as the speed of production, ease-of-use for non-technical persons who need profiteering interfaces/functionality, et cetera. -Even more specifically: C++ as a foundation and potentially the central focus of mastery. -Further specifications: Game creation, including simulations and other real-time creations. Specifically the term "game" though, for game-based learning is an additional tool. The belief that many gaming situations and creations promote high levels of learning, knowledge, wisdom, and thinking. Related information and data included, if in the right hands...

Yes, the "right" hands - I am sorry monetary-based zealots, you should know that there are better alternatives than the monetary incentive, and no matter how much good you can do with your incentive, it is not trustworthy for the survival of humankind. Examples of your lack of seriousness towards this goal are shown in your lack of progress for space exploration, your uses of planet resources for disturbingly contradicting and/or purposely useless throw-away products, and your virulent nature of inspiring those around you to follow your path and becoming an obstacle, intentionally or not.

I do not know what the best alternative we can achieve to transition into, with such examples as resource-based economies, knowledge-sharing information societies, and/or technocracies. I am not adept at what their flaws and cons are or could be, but I am absolutely sure there is a better way, existing ideas or not. Humankind's survival should be much further up the priority list.

In "my" priority list, that includes technology, space exploration/expansion/colonization, and a regard for intelligence and skill-building as some of the highest human incentives. All with an admittedly complex, yet undeniable need for ethics and morality, lest we treat humans as we treat farm animals today, and lest our technology does the same. In addition to that last statement, technology will continue to grow, and currently the situation is in favor of monetary gain, and therefore this lack of ethics has a disturbing probability, the more that we ignore technological/programming literacy and leave it to a smaller elite group.

Therefore, in the same pursuit of intelligence and skill-building, I believe programming to be one of our greatest tools as human individuals to make a dent in history of epic proportions if we choose to participate as a majority while we have time.

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