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1531 votes

How do I chop/slice/trim off last character in string using Javascript?

235 votes

Difference between an API and SDK

191 votes

Immutable array in Java

160 votes

Static method in a generic class?

156 votes

Collections.sort with multiple fields

125 votes

Gets byte array from a ByteBuffer in java

119 votes

How do I efficiently determine if a polygon is convex, non-convex or complex?

101 votes

Check if string contains only digits

88 votes

How to protect classes so they are not visible outside their package

86 votes

What is the difference between decodeURIComponent and decodeURI?

86 votes

Parsing scientific notation sensibly?

85 votes

How to display pandas DataFrame of floats using a format string for columns?

81 votes

How to sort numbers correctly with Array.sort()?

80 votes

How do you come up with a good name for a software company?

79 votes

JSON and escaping characters

77 votes

How to check a not-defined variable in JavaScript

72 votes

Which characters are valid in CSS class names/selectors?

68 votes

Why is StringTokenizer deprecated?

68 votes

How to make a class JSON serializable

65 votes

Fibonacci numbers, with an one-liner in Python 3?

62 votes

Exponential Moving Average Sampled at Varying Times

61 votes

Inline pre formatting?

50 votes

The "guess the number" game for arbitrary rational numbers?

50 votes

How do Trigonometric functions work?

50 votes

What is singular value decomposition (SVD)?

45 votes

I need a mapping list of cities to timezones- best way to get it?

44 votes

Compare two dates with JavaScript

41 votes

Negative lookbehind equivalent in JavaScript

41 votes

How to elegantly ignore some return values of a MATLAB function

40 votes

Question mark and colon in JavaScript

2 3 4 5