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Hi there,

My languages of interest are: C++, GLSL and C#. I've dived into WPF/XAML lately, which I enjoy very much. I am currently not professionaly a programmer but I do work in IT, as a 'workspace consultant' although I do prefer the term packager. This job has always been fine for me. It's not mentally straining. I have never really wanted for my job to be challenging so that I can put most of my energy into my own personal projects. However, with the coming of new technologies, the job itself has become less technical and now involves more customer interaction and documentation to the point where it is becoming less and less interesting to me. But besides that, I do not really want to be working in offices anymore and spend a lot of time traveling. The main purpose is to be able to work from home and generate income that way. I do need some professional experience to be able to do that and working in a team, for example.

I would only start freelancing when I feel really confident in my skills. This is something I would tell anyone up front so that a company does not invest a lot of time and money into increasing my skill level but I can say that that is not necessary. I will invest my own time into getting better at what I do professionaly, always have and always will. Courses and trainings never have worked for me anyway, I do think many of these are a waist of time and money. There are very few things that regard programming skills, that can not be learned on your own.

I envision working in a professional environment for a year or two before I start working at my own. Bacause of this, I do not mind having a significant amount of travel time, as long as the environment is interesting enough and there are senior developers that are willing to give pointers.

A job does not have to be WPF related. I've also done some web development with MVP and have a basic understanding of it. I do know some HTML/CSS/Javascript and I know where to find the information I need to do pretty much anything. I find WPF more fun to do but it's not that different from web development with MVP, IMO.

I think C# is a lot of fun. I come from C++ and I always thought that would never be replaced as my main language but it seems that C# has managed to change that. I like the low-level aspect of C++ but now I like the high-level aspect of C# as well. It is easier but there is also more to know.

I have a Github account but I mostly use that as storage. I will have top tidy that up and will link to it when I have done so,

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