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I love everything technology-related. Whether it is programming, administering or gaming. My educational path combined with my ever-present curiosity led me to a pretty widespread set of skills. Starting off with script languages like HTML/JS/(S)CSS, PHP and Python, “real” programming languages such as Java (including many of its mutations like servlets and Android) and C(++/#) caught my fascination quite early. Heavy-heartedly, I’ve had to let go of my first and biggest love, Java, due to the stellar uprising of an engine called NodeJS. And so, for the last couple of years my go-to software stack for private as well as professional projects has been NodeJS with its countless frameworks - most prominently Angular. Lately, I've been trying to use Go and Rust, whenever possible. But due to time and use-case limitations, there are still just a few projects. On that route I’ve picked up many related data storing technologies, like PostgreSQL, DB2 or schema-less like MongoDB.
Also, for several years, I've been part owner and administrator of a dedicated server. On it we're running - as of the latest iteration completely containerized - public and private services such as a docker-registry, multiple HTTPd (NGINX), git, torrent-clients, VPNs and DNSs. Although I was using various crypto currencies for years, the concept and possibilities of Blockchain Technology suddenly became clearer sometime around the beginning of last year. That's why my focus has been shifting more and more in that direction lately.

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