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MBA, CPA, Small Business Consultant I have 35 years experience in tax and consulting with small to medium businesses. I do not do auditing or bookkeeping (never have). I am an expert at designing business structures to accomplish the owners wants with the best tax minimization available for the chosen structure. I am exceptionally creative with entity structure and method of tax minimization when allowed. I only take clients by referral.

I am not on this forum to criticize another's idea by an anonymous evaluation of a vote down (unless the poster is arrogant and disrespectful). I think all ideas have some value, even minimal of incorrect ones. My view is that comments from a known party have more value than some anonymous personal and private opinion. I am known as a cloud thinker. Not all my ideas are good, correct or even possible. Smart people do have bad ideas or phrase a good idea extremely poorly. My hope is that there are many commentators on this Forum with similar opinions.

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