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598 votes

Fade/dissolve when changing UIImageView's image

257 votes

How can I get a view's current width and height when using autolayout constraints?

216 votes

Can I use setFrame and autolayout on the same view?

195 votes

Convert UIImage to NSData and convert back to UIImage in Swift?

136 votes

Specifying one Dimension of Cells in UICollectionView using Auto Layout

127 votes

How do you create a Swift Date object?

108 votes

How can I concatenate NSAttributedStrings?

85 votes

Proper usage of intrinsicContentSize and sizeThatFits: on UIView Subclass with autolayout

66 votes

With Auto Layout, how do I make a UIImageView's size dynamic depending on the image?

59 votes

What kind of Certifcate and Provisioning Profile is needed for an iOS Apple TestFlight release?

35 votes

How to use template rendering mode in Xcode 6 Interface Builder?

33 votes

How to make flip animations from one UIView to another when using Auto Layout?

32 votes

How does adaptive pooling in pytorch work?

25 votes

Thumb image does not move to the edge of UISlider

21 votes

emacs: is before-save-hook a local variable?

21 votes

Change the log level on iOS 10 (Unified Logging) with

20 votes

UIButton: how to center an image and a text using imageEdgeInsets and titleEdgeInsets?

18 votes

Working with Top Layout Guide in UIScrollView through Auto Layout

17 votes

Using a property as a default parameter value for a method in the same class

16 votes

How to mask a square image into an image with round corners in iOS?

15 votes

iOS8 Auto layout programmatically pin to relative layout margin

14 votes

XCode 4 comment formatting (line wrapping)

13 votes

OS X Mountain Lion: how does path_helper work?

13 votes

Custom UIView subclass with XIB in Swift

12 votes

How do I toggle between Debug and Release builds in Xcode 6 / 7 / 8?

11 votes

How to determine UIView size before viewDidAppear of its ViewController

10 votes

Auto-sizing UITableViewCell in iOS 8

10 votes

Autolayout rotating Wheel

9 votes

Remove Auto-Layout Constraints for Specific Object

9 votes

REPL for Objective-C