Ronnie Matthews
Imagine you are a cookie, now come here.
  • This house next to that house, with a mouse, or on a boat with a goat.
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Make a million bucks complain about dirty laundry, knawe on empty bones to gain points. Freddy Kruger can suck it, I aint sleeping. My life on a stick stuck in the ground waiting to sprout into a weeping willow. Maybe have some orange juice, BLEA rather have root beer, on icecream with cookies. Mexico is too hot, So is Texas. Freedom of religion, persecution for praying in public. DID THAT MAN JUST GO IN THE WOMANS LOCKER ROOM!?!??!!!! oh that's okay?!?? REALLY? HOW!? He's not a woman, He's not the janitor, or the inspector, or constructor, or a post op transgender. Black people are louder than white people. Google is my favorite icecream, Cookies and Cream is my favorite website. JavaScript should be Case INsensitive. I WANT PUDDING. PUDDING GOOD. GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR HIM, GOOD FOR THIS FAMILY, GOOD FOR ALL OF US. Why is weed illegal in so many states, when it is proven that it does no harm, (except jail time and hefty fines if caught.)

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