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288 votes

Access-Control-Allow-Origin Multiple Origin Domains?

78 votes

How to create cron job using PHP?

64 votes

What is the size limit of an HTTP POST request?

19 votes

Function to convert column number to letter?

13 votes

order by find_in_set(), and_then, and_then

8 votes

Character countdown like on twitter

7 votes

PHP - include a php file and also send query parameters

7 votes

How can I "ReDim Preserve" a 2D Array in Excel 2007 VBA so that I can add rows, not columns, to the array?

4 votes

Limit of POST arguments in html or php

3 votes

Compare two MySQL databases

3 votes

BODY background image gets cut off on browser viewport

2 votes

plupload variable upload path?

1 vote

VBA Excel WebBrowser how to reset ReadyState before .Click from the code?

1 vote

How to find out how many rows and columns to read from an Excel file with PHPExcel?

1 vote

ckeditor file browser

0 votes

Why do my list item bullets overlap floating elements

0 votes

IE 8 and getElementById() that is dynamic throws error

0 votes

PHP Echo out values of an array with ranges

0 votes

php script is not uploading image to specified folder