Pedro Ferrari

Javascript Engineer at LeoVegas Stockholm

I've been doing websites since I was 9 years old and operated my own website company for over 10 years, I found myself falling in love with programming.

Today I am a Frontend Engineer and I have a passion for code and performance.

I love to write clean, reusable code and implementing Design Patterns whenever needed. Improving my own code and practices is one of the things that keeps me constantly motivated, but ☕ also helps ;)


More than ever I am getting super excited about the JavaScript scenario. For up to 8 years I have been using jQuery since most of my work was within a jQuery CMS. But since ES6 I have been making serious progress within vanilla JavaScript. I am learning my way through React, and got my first app running at https://catchoftheday.pedroferrari.com. I opensourced it on my GitHub while I'm working on a Redux Project with Advanced React, and a few sides with awesome APIs.


Following on the best practices and DOM, I am the one who reads WAI-ARIA techniques to produce what is the core of the web. In my opinion, a strong HTML base goes along the way, and choosing the best field for each and every section will impact the web in the upcoming years, especially with voice growing so fast. Semantics discussions over HTML are always welcome!

CSS / SASS / BEM / LESS / Stylus & Frameworks

Not only I like to master new frameworks that are not as famous as Bootstrap (like Tachyons/Bulma/UiKit), I also like the non-framework approach, especially for single page applications where performance is key. By using BEM techniques I am able to not only make the page more performant by reducing classes but also making it super fast for other developers to work with. Sass, Gulp, and Node can make my process up to 50% faster.

Backend Development

Not my career focus, but also important, Node, Console / package delivery, routes, DNS and attacks, protocols and servers/web services (AWS) is not something new to me.

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