Father by day, software engineer and computer programmer by night. I've been programming and coding since 2005. I've been taking apart electronics since about 2001, taking apart my SNES and hardwiring the controllers in. I fell in love with Linux when I was able to successfully run Damn Small Linux on my Sega Dreamcast! My favorite Linux Desktop is....can't say I like one over any others, but I use Ubuntu 16.04 lts the most as a desktop and Ubuntu 14.04 lts as a server.

My preferred languages include C++, Visual BASIC, Python, Java, JSON, C#, Swift, SQL, and BASH among others. I maintain a home network of about 14 outdated personal computers running MANY distros of Linux and only a few Windows PCs and 1 apple MacBook pro (gifted to me, I wouldn't buy Apple products). I also solely maintain 8 servers hosting many interesting things. I'm working on a Random Number Generating Server which uses the real world for truly unique values as a way to replace my PRNG usage with true random numbers.

I am also an Android and Apple App Developer. I have created a fair share of apps, some of which you may currently enjoy. I have my setup for a Windows 10 laptop with a dual monitor, when at my desk. A third monitor running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS at my desk. A 15in TV running a Raspberry Pi. Then throw a MacBook Pro into the mix and thats the world I live in.

My current side project is Home Automation with multiple Raspberry Pis, using the amazing Mycroft AI to integrate voice commands, which is coming along very slowly.

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