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Yuri Alves

Junior Website Developer at Submarine. Creator of BitBulb

What I'm Doing Now:

I am currently working at Submarine in Guernsey as a Junior Website Developer. On my spare time I am working on a personal project called BitBulb.

I have done some work experience at Indulge Media. While working there I gained certain skill by team building with other staff, basic programming, planning thoroughly beforehand and how to communicate the key point of the work to other staff.


Independent: I have used this strength in numerous places, for example in many of my college projects, I had to work by myself and complete the project in time. Another place that I have used this strength, is at home, where I work every day on my PC either working on a project of mine or doing some work that had been allocated to me. This strength has allowed me to problem solve much faster and better.

My Opinion of Myself

I feel like I am a very curious person. Which has led my life to head many directions that have brought upon me different skills. I have learned, how to code, make simple music, different ways of promoting a product, how to handle aspects in a business, and till this day I am still learning new things and enjoy it all to the last ounce.

My Life Ambitions

I wish to continue to make different forms of interactive entertainment, that gives people joy.

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