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Thomas DeColita
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An inventive sound designer. I use the word “inventive” here after careful thought and consideration of how to describe this individual. Yes, inventive is exactly what he is. from the first moment you start listening, you realize that you are in the presence of a dangerous mind, one with a broad aesthetic view that mixes dark and emotional sounds in a way never heard before, creating bigger than life sound effects and goose- bump givers.

Experimenting with sounds and emotions, yet keeping it all intact and poetically construed with strong rhythmical narratives far from the usual prosaic stuff. It is usually by the time you get to the Expression tracks where you start to wonder whether amphetamines were involved in the production. And if you had the balls to speak your mind, which I’m pretty sure you don’t since you’ve been stuck for the past week trying to catch that Ties to riff instead of finding your own, you will realize that you are in the presence of greatness, humbleness, kindness, selfishness, cockiness, craziness , sadness and madness. You will realize that you are in the presence of a human being, an individual, a person offering honesty and I for one take that offer.

From a long history of substance abuse and a corrupt growing to a remarkable recovery caused by nothing else but music. From painful memories to unfortunate events, from selfish needs to cruel intentions. You meet him as he is, with his thoughts, beliefs, mistakes, achievements, as he is. And my friend, I don’t know about you, but in a world where everyone pretends to be what they’re not, in a world where everyone follows a set standard of what good music should sound like forgetting who they are, in a world where music pursuers are pursuing for the wrong reasons, that to me, is the greatest honor. To meet a real artist. As he is.

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