Jan Clemens Stoffregen

Software Developer

Hi there, let me introduce myself:

I love continuous versatility, mathematics, computer sciences and classical piano music.

I studied industrial engineering and scientific computing and have worked as a classical pianist, composer and producer of classical piano music, please find attached my profile information from upwork:

Since 6 years I have gained experience in the engineering and science industry as well as in a renowned consulting company. I have worked at the European Space Agency and at Deloitte where I received outstanding recommendations that can be downloaded through my portfolio available on Upwork. It is my pleasure to program high performing mathematical code for many kinds of machine learning algorithms.

My second passion involves working as a classical pianist and composer. As a producer, I founded my own record label and I publish two CDs a year in collaboration with my piano mentor Richard Wassmuth, a classical concert pianist in Hamburg. As a pianist for improvisation theater groups in Vienna, I have performed more than 100 shows in 2 years.

Lastly, I love to design documents and presentations in LaTeX. I have already written and published a book helping others prepare for a music examination in which I entirely designed in my favourite document preparation system.

My skills include working with the following programs, computer program languages and libraries:

HPC: OpenCL, CUDA, OpenMP, Intel TBB

Scientific Programming: R, Matlab, BLAS, LAPACK

General Purpose Programming: C, Python

Document preparation: ExcelVBA, Qlikview, LaTeX, Gnuplot, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Databases: SQL

Audio programs: Cubase, Altiverb, Native Instrument plugins like Kontakt

Project approach:

Step 1. Interview

During the interview, I would like to identify and discuss relevant questions from both sides to get to know your project as thoroughly as possible in order to design an output that matches your vision perfectly.

Step 2. Whilst working

I will immediately ask questions that may arise. In my opinion it is often better to ask too many questions than too few.

Step 3. Revision

After I have created the first version, I would like to sit down with you to identify any required readjustments.

Step 4. Final details

Before the project is finalised, I would like to discuss the final details with you.

Step 5. Completion of the project

The project will be completed after you tell me that you have received all desired services and files at your desired level of quality.

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Let's get to work!

Kind regards! Jan

All the best to you and have a nice day, Jan

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