Can't say much... I am a gamer, but I read, write, and draw more than I play games. I help my mom with her games whenever I can, and I watch TV a lot. Favorite shows are Haven, I-Zombie, Supernatural, and Gold Rush. Before you answer any of my questions, you need to know that I always do my own research for answers before I ask questions here.

I will mostly ask questions about Skyrim because that is the game I play the most. I always check the UESP (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages) and the Elder Scrolls Fandom Wikia before I ask questions. Please do not quote those sites to me.

I am a YouTuber. My YouTube channel name is the same as my username here, but all separate words. I also have a discord server. Here's a link to my discord: https://discord.gg/yCF94VK