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870 votes

How do I make a time delay?

16 votes

When to create a new app (with startapp) in Django?

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Equivalent to InnerHTML when using lxml.html to parse HTML

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Webpage redirect to the main page with CGI Python

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Best Python supported server/client protocol?

3 votes

Does a caching-nameserver usually cache the negative DNS response SERVFAIL

3 votes

How does one add a svn repository build number to Python code?

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Is there a distributed VCS that can manage large files?

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Classes in Python

1 vote

OPENGL User Interface Programming

1 vote

decoding base64 guid in python

0 votes

Mitigating the 'firesheep' attack in the application layer?

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Need your help on Full Triple DES MAC in C# .NET

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PubSub lib for c#

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How To Read Active Directory Group Membership From PHP/IIS using COM?