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He started as an entrepreneur in the internet marketing industry in November 2014.

Ricardo is a loyal and trustworthy guy when it comes to his business and he's very dedicated in coaching others to get to the next level and teaching how to be successful online, the best characteristic is his ocean of patience he has for everyone who's working with him.

He started working as a carpenter after school making design furniture and interiors and did that about 10 years, he started his own interior business but because of the financial crisis and a really bad business partner he had to stop after a year or so.

So he decided to learn another job as truck driver thinking that would be the job that would be there forever and he can do until he's old but nothing could be further from the truth because it took only 2 years for the laws and regulations to change so dramatically that he was forced to search for work again.

Now, in the time that he was home without a job he teaches himself trading forex options and binary options and struggled to keep that profitable so he decided to put that on hold because he found out that being an entrepreneur doing internet marketing has a lot more potential.

The fact that he had a rough childhood, being alone most of the time comes in very handy now because he spend all those alone hours behind his computer and teaches himself writing code and building the computers he used.

He can customize pretty much every device you can think of, if it's flashable he can figure out how to customize it because he can use his backwards engineering skills to figure out how the device and software on it works.

Now he's an entrepreneur and coaching people and business owners how to be successful online and how you can be a self-made-(wo)man too because he knows the struggles and hurdles people have to overcome and therefore he wants to help others so they don't have the same struggles and saves them a lot of time, he wants to save people from making the same mistakes or invest in the so called "shiny objects"

Are you his next success story he can write about?

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