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Pepijn de Maat
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Recent graduate from Utrecht University (MSc, looking for a PhD), member of a-es2 and trying to master LaTeX and Differential Geometry with applications in physics.

I do not post a lot on this site, but I lurk a lot in tex.SX, math.SX, physics.SX and sometimes at mathOverflow.

My main interests are geometry and algebraic topology for mathematics, and high-energy physics. I am particularly interested in aspects of the SM such as Yang-Mills theory and possible extensions of it (e.g. using a non-compact structure group).

I like to fantasise about rather extreme theories as a hobby (typically involving gravity or Higgs, e.g. DM is a gradient of a Higgs-like field or attempts at describing Higgs as a thermal system with the Higgs VEV being the minimum of the enthalpy), but those are typically very naive and not at all related to my main interests.

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