Adel Nizamutdinov

Senior Android Dev @ Wheely

Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
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A generalist, doing Android for living.

Love creating and polishing useful UIs that are fast and responsive.

Favourite style of programming is functional


Android Engineer


Jun 2017 → Current (1 year, 7 months)

Lead Android Engineer

Infotech Group

May 2016 → Jun 2017 (1 year, 2 months)

Leading a team of 4. Creating fully offline tools for energy company workers

Android Engineer


Jul 2015 → Mar 2016 (9 months)

Automatic update testing. Tablet version. Startup and overall performance improvements. 6.0 Marshmallow update. Worked in a team of 6

Android Engineer

Independent contractor

Feb 2015 → Jun 2015 (5 months)

Released Hitster.FM and another private project for internal use

Lead Android Engineer


Oct 2012 → Feb 2015 (2 years, 5 months)

Started as a first Android Dev at the company. Did a lot of outsource projects in a team of 1 or 2. Helped hiring new people


Specialist in Computer Science

Kazan State University

Sep 2010 → Jul 2015

Did some programming and tons of math

Open Source


Jul 2017 → Current (1 year, 5 months) 194 commits / 3,456 ++ / 1,729 -- Last commit on Dec 08, 18

maybe you like audiobooks, too


Jul 2016 → Current (2 years, 6 months) 40 commits / 876 ++ / 457 -- Last commit on May 28, 18

stop writing hard-to-compose drawable XMLs

Apps & Software (6)

UNECO Lighting Service

Mar 2017

Broken lightings tracker for Moscow's energy company. Lead a team of 4


Jul 2014

Access your ACL™ GRC projects in real-time from your Android phone. Developing certain screens of the application. Worked in a team of two


Nov 2013

Easily find and save cool places, and send them to your favorite navigation app. Solo initial implementation and release on the Google Play

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Favorite editor IntelliJ




Started programming in Turbo Pascal 7 in the middle school, then got involved in olympiads in informatics until my second year in the university.

Then got tightly involved with Android SDK and Java, got a job in a software shop, worked on a dozen of different projects.

In the meantime did some cryptography, formal languages and machine learning in the university.