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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Senior Software Developer

LORENZ Life Sciences Group

Jul 2017 → Current (1 year, 6 months)

Senior Software Engineer, Key Developer, Software Architect

EPAM Systems GmbH

May 2013 → Current (5 years, 8 months)


  • ATK Sync: System High-Availability Solution

    I have contributed to a system high-availability project with a service designed to monitor, reconfigure and restart instances of application services on the local network with appropriate database connections during the stages of database synchronization.

  • ATK Cetus Converter: Data Processing and Conversion Application

    I have developed a high-performance, multi-threaded data processing and conversion application capable of indexing, filtering and processing large text files efficiently.

  • ATK ISAT Web Service Integration

    I have provided an implementation of XML digital signature for a .NET service to integrate with an external (Java) Web service.

  • ATK Staging Data Load: Performance Optimizations

    I have developed two successful strategies to address performance problems of an existing .NET data import application, designed to preserve backward compatibility while significantly improving execution time.

  • ATK Gateway: Core Infrastructure Fixes and Optimizations

    I have fixed stability and performance problems of a distributed application server based on .NET secure asynchronous sockets. I have developed a stress test environment to simulate and monitor race conditions under heavy load, identified and fixed several performance bottlenecks, concurrency problems and memory fragmentation problems. I have also enhanced the system by adding support for TLSv1 to supersede SSLv3.

  • PDF Unicode Text Search/Replace Library

    Based on Adobe's specifications I have developed a Delphi library used to search and replace Unicode text in PDF documents.


I provide technical solutions to business analysis, developers, testing and operation teams at UBS Switzerland. I work on ATK (Advisory Toolkit, UBS Advice) and related UBS Wealth Management projects with a small core team of developers, participate in new development as well as improve existing code with regard to security, stability and performance.

Research and Development, Senior Developer

digital publishing AG

Aug 2000 → May 2013 (12 years, 10 months)


  • I have contributed to the company's success in adopting a new business model and online presence in speexx.com.
  • I have designed, implemented and tested the Learning Management System, a multi-tier distributed system to manage a language learning company:
  • Database entity-relationship design with role-based user rights management in a hierarchical context structure. The target database was Firebird. I have provided data migration tools, user-defined functions, timezone and Unicode support, integration with Sphinx full-text search engine and more.
  • High-performance, scalable, multi-threaded application server supporting several transport protocols, compression, encryption, request batching, and module updates without interrupting active client connections, instrumented with custom performance counters.
  • LMS communications protocol and API used by several client applications.
  • LMS Admin, a Windows GUI application used to manage the workflow and track the learning progress of students.
  • A custom setup framework used to install applications, with an elevated back end worker process and a script-driven front-end GUI process, inter-process communication implemented as a custom DataSnap transport (using memory mapped files) with its COM interface used internally, without registration.
  • A news-feed reader application with an embedded web browser to display the news content.
  • A few Unicode rich-text controls capable of text highlighting in sync with the played back audio, used in a custom book reader application.
  • In-house support tools, libraries and components: a plugin for all major browsers, a system diagnostic tool, a few shell extensions, a visual navigation bar component, a port of Virtual Treeview to .NET Compact Framework on Windows Mobile (native DLL for the ARM processor compiled with FreePascal, .NET wrapper library in C#), a port of the DataSnap framework to ASP.NET, and others.


Development of the company's information system. As a senior developer I have also helped create a standardized development environment to support software life cycle in a small team, with version control (FreeVCS, Subversion, Git), bug tracking (Trac), automated unit testing (DUnit) and automated build system (MSBuild + scripts).

Senior Analyst Programmer


1995 → Aug 2000 (5 years, 8 months)


  • I have recognized the opportunity and started, by translating the AS/400 Client Access API to Delphi, the transition to powerful, object-oriented, rapid application development for Windows from the traditionally slow, expensive, procedural COBOL development for the IBM AS/400 server.
  • I have developed several key business applications: AS/400 job queue management tool, report generator, mass mail-merge printing of letters and postal coupons (with precision suitable for OCR), bank transaction processing applications.
  • I have developed Unit-Linked Projection software used to predict, model and visualize future development of client investment funds. Its rich graphical user interface with interactive 3D charts was instrumental in increasing sales performance.
  • I have led the development of TriEs, a pilot project for a distributed sales support system in a small team. We used Borland's VisiBroker to write the distributed server in C++ and Delphi to write the modular client application with runtime packages and client datasets using the briefcase model to let the users work offline and post their updates later when connected to the office network again. The communications and local storage were encrypted to protect sensitive client information.


I have provided technical support to users, developed support applications for the business operations and sales, and led a small team of developers.


Information Technology Secondary Education Certificate (ISCED 3A)

SPŠE Nové Zámky, Slovakia

1984 → 1988

This was so long ago... I vaguely remember something about writing code to play music by sending bit patterns with various frequencies to the internal speaker port. It was fun. Sometimes you could even create the very special effect of two different tones playing simultaneously. :-)

Open Source


A few small Delphi-related tools

main developer

Subversion plugin for CodeGear Delphi

Subversion integration for Delphi 7 and higher. Forked by CodeGear/Embarcadero as RAD Studio VersionInsight and included with later versions of Delphi.

main developer

FreeVCS client applications

OpenSource FreeVCS client applications

main developer, client source code reverse-engineered from available server source code


Dec 2017 → Current (1 year, 1 month) 58 commits / 23,653 ++ / 1,985 -- Last commit on Dec 05, 18

Delphi and Free Pascal bindings and classes for Microsoft's ChakraCore library

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TTreeView drawing error when deactivating a form

Jun 2011
The solution seems to be to respond to NM_SETFOCUS and NM_KILLFOCUS notifications by invalidating selected nodes. You can modify TCustomTreeView.CNNotify directly or you can write a new ...

How to publish a list of integers?

May 2010
Here's a minimal example with DefineBinaryProperty (written in D2007, no generics): type TTestComponent = class(TComponent) private FList: TList; function GetValueCount: Integer; ...

How to set entire HTML in MSHTML?

Mar 2010
Here's some of my old code, see if it helps you: type THackMemoryStream = class(TMemoryStream); procedure Clear(const Document: IHTMLDocument2); begin Document.write(PSafeArray(...

How to retrieve cpu usage per process

Nov 2009
See below my PerfUtils unit. You'll need a Delphi translation of Winperf.h, you can use WinPerf.pas from Marcel van Brakel or JwaWinPerf.pas from the JEDI API Library. Have a look at ...
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Potential Deadlocks in Parallel.For

Recently, I've come across some C# code deadlocking quite reproducibly while executing some tasks using Parallel.For method. The seemingly innocuous code lead to an "obscure situation"...

No runtime type information on interface properties

You might have tried to decorate an interface property in Delphi with a custom attribute. Unfortunately, that won't work. No runtime type information is generated for interface properties so your attribute will have no effect, even though there's no compiler warning.

Embracing .NET with RemObjects Hydra

If you're a Delphi shop and find yourself (sometimes) jealous of all the .NET goodies have a look at RemObjects Hydra (more details here). It's a framework which allows you to mix and use VCL, FireMonkey and .NET code modules in a single mixed-mode application.

Delphi and stuff: PerfMon ready

My DataSnap appserver is now instrumented. In fact, my performance counter libraries are generic and will work with all DataSnap servers installed on the computer. DataSnap class IDs are read from the registry and a separate performance object instance is created per each class ID.

Delphi and stuff: Could not find server in ObjectManager list

You can register your DataSnap appserver as stateless by calling RegisterPooled in the overriden UpdateRegistry class method of your remote data module.The problem with the way httpsrvr.dll manages stateless objects is that, ehm, it's stateful. ;-) More precisely, it's stateless only within a single IIS session.

Delphi and stuff: Free Threaded Marshaler

When writing a DataSnap appserver, you should probably try to make it thread-safe and register it to use the multi-threaded apartment (MTA) model (ThreadingModel = tmFree) because it gives you total control over synchronization and optimization of your code. But writing thread-safe code also requires more work. In some cases, it may be useful to register your appserver to use the single-threaded apartment (STA) model (ThreadingModel = tmApartment) and rely on COM to serialize calls from different threads into one thread "apartment" - the same thread which was used to create the instance.

Delphi and stuff: Subversion in my Delphi IDE

For over a year, I've been using Subversion version control software to manage my source code, with TortoiseSVN as client on Windows. I find TortoiseSVN extremely helpful in my everyday work. It's implemented as a Windows shell extension (so it's integrated with Windows Explorer) which makes it very comfortable to use.

For the last couple of days, I've been trying to write my own Subversion client and integrate it with my Delphi IDE. The picture above shows my humble first results.

Delphi and stuff: Help Insight

I like Help Insight in Delphi 2006. I think it's going to prove to be very useful. The cool thing is that it's customizable: the popup window is a browser view of an HTML page generated from the XML compiler output by applying HelpInsight.xsl and HelpInsight.css files located in your $(BDS)\Objrepos directory.

Delphi and stuff: DataSnap to the rescue

I'm maintaining a custom setup program used to install applications. In some cases it needs to perform actions which require administrative privileges, e.g. writing into Program Files directory, or modifying the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

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Sanjoy Dasgupta, Christos Papadimitriou, Umesh Vazirani

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First computer ZX Spectrum
Favorite editor Notepad++, Delphi, HxD





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Windows native development, Delphi, DataSnap, multi-tier, server, client, user interface, multithreading, security, SChannel, crypto API, multi-threaded asynchronous socket server, performance monitoring, networking, COM, Message Queuing, ISAPI extensions, thread pool with I/O completion port, .NET, C#, C/C++, SQL, Interbase, Firebird, Sphinx Search, Microsoft SQL Server, FreePascal/Lazarus, Java, PHP, HTTP, Javascript, SOAP, XML, ...