Gabriele Petrioli

Web Developer at Freelance

Athens, Greece
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Web Developer


2008 → Current (11 years, 2 months)

Variety of projects from Back-End only to Front-End only and all the in-between.

Personal preference on Front-End development following web-standards and progressive enhancement of the user experience.

Also involved in building/extending multiple in-house CMS systems for clients.



May 2014 → Nov 2017 (3 years, 7 months)

Implementing small tasks/issues/projects/prototypes for numerous clients. This was a per-task marketplace (i was the top coder of the service for the period i participated)

Fullstack Contractor


Feb 2015 → Aug 2015 (7 months)

Updates/Changes to the company's Website (in Scala / Play framework) and Blog (wordpress)

Modifications/fixes and additional functionality to their Java Deatchmatch game (node.js, express, tingoDB, css, html)

Web Developer

Tool Ltd.

2001 → 2008 (8 years)

Started with developing simple dynamic websites with ASP and MS Access.

Wised up and moved to SQL Server and ASP utilizing XML and XSLT. Together with this came better and deeper understanding of the DOM and Javascript.

In the end i was working with all kinds of online/offline projects using these technologies like Websites, a couple of custom made CMS, desktop applications, infokiosk multimedia presentations etc.

Multimedia developer

Exodus S.A.

1999 → 2001 (3 years)

My first job as a developer, but my existing skills were not fit for the requirements.
I studied and trained my self to the use of MacroMedia Director with support from my co-workers.

Mainly worked on educational multimedia projects funded from the European Union.


BSc. in Computer Science (software engineering)

University of Hertfordshire

1993 → 1996

Graduated with Honours 2.1

Apps & Software

Annual Report (Piraeus Bank Group)

Jun 2018

A single page application interactively showcasing the annual reports of the bank group. No framework used (except for scrollmagic to handle some effects).

Nafplio Tour


A responsive web application for showcasing (map location, photos, text, audio, 360 panoramas) points of interest in Nafplio, Greece. I built the entire application using the Aurelia framework.

Summer Nostos Festival

Jun 2017

Front-end implementation of responsive templates (and partial support in integrating it to umbraco platform). First version was for 2016. New design was implemented for 2017. New theme applied in preparation for 2018.

European Cultural Centre of Delphi


Front-end implementation of responsive templates and micro apps (google maps with filters and popups, simple virtual tours)

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Nov 2010
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Nov 2010
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First computer Cpu: 80286, Ram: 1Mb, HD: none
Favorite editor Any non-intrusive (currently VSCode)





Started coding on a friend's PC(8086) in GW-Basic, making animations/editors and toying around.

Since then, I just need to understand what makes things work.