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Senior Software Engineer


Jul 2019 → Current (2 years, 1 month)
go apache-kafka java event-driven distributed-computing microservices

MyBudget is a personal budgeting solution company based in Australia. As a part of the core team, I’m helping to migrate the legacy information systems to an event driven distributed system . I mainly support in go language and also helped to make things understandable by sharing my experience with event-driven architecture and Kafka by carrying out tech talks

• Worked onsite with Adelaide team to understand more about the existing information system to re-architect the event-driven distributed microservices for their money operating system.

• Design and implement the contact strategy for messaging to automate messaging solutions. This helped to automate 90% of messaging to clients on proper client event journeys.

• Lead two tooling projects designs, technology guidance to implement a Kafka viewer with SQL capabilities, and RESTful business configuration management on top of Kafka as a datastore.

• Contributed to link the legacy system with the existing system by overcoming the legacy tech stack issues. This helped to migrate user data from the newly developed system to legacy system and continue their workflow until the next migration without any interruptions.

• Developed a RESTful Kafka topic viewer tool to debug and view synchronized event flows with the capability of querying data by record keys with golang, kafka streams. This helped to track missing events, incorrect data, and incorrect flows in the system.

• Implemented a Kafka connect worker by giving support for Kafka firestore sinker capability with golang. This helped to reduce the memory of the data etl services up to 75% comparatively with java based etls.

Software Engineer


Jan 2018 → Jul 2019 (1 year, 7 months)
go apache-kafka distributed-computing microservices event-driven

PickeMe is a leading Sri Lankan ride hailing application. As a member of the core team, I helped to re engineer existing monolithic based applications to distributed microservices. I supported mainly in go language throughout the tenure and helped to make things understandable with event-driven architecture, distributed systems and Kafka by carrying out tech talks.

• Integrated first in first out to the ride-hailing driver selection algorithm which helped to assign the trips in an ordered manner especially near airports.

• Contributed to the re-architecture of the ride-hailing system by redesigning the driver selection service, driver ETA service from monolithic to event-driven. Which helped to reduce the service, database downtimes by having own key/values stores and increased throughput by around 75%.

• Implemented event automation service to simulate the ride hailing flows to test driver, trips behaviors. This helped to improve the productivity of QA and developers.

• Implemented a custom weighted algorithm to reorder the drivers based on constraints. This helped to dynamically control the ride selection.

• Implemented forward hire feature to the ride-hailing system. This helped to increase the ride counts and to avoid losing rides.

• Contributed to golang Kafka streaming library, This helped to implement many microservices on top of distributed Kafka streams easily with stream operation with less memory and CPU resources.

• Implemented dynamic ruling engine for driver selection service. This helped to close the code releases and fully migrate to a configuration-driven selection with table-driven criterias which can be directly managed by a simple portal.

Software Engineer


Jun 2016 → Jan 2018 (1 year, 8 months)
node.js javascript angularjs java playframework apache-zookeeper apache-kafka websocket reactjs jestjs electron c# mosquitto

Zone24x7 is a leading company in providing software and embedded solutions for retail management, As a part of the backend and frontend team, I was able to support more on java, javascript technology stack and helped to make things understandable on javascript and reactjs testing by conducting tech talks.

• Implemented a customer timeline system backend using Java play and WebSockets. moreover contributed to its frontend with the angular framework.

• Contributed to a Javascript electron based smart price checker for windows based embedded device with react js framework.

• Contributed to a watchdog service for the smart price checker to keep the desktop services alive.

• Fixed memory leaks and optimized chromium application which fixed the intermittent application failures.

Software Engineering Intern


Jul 2014 → Jul 2015 (1 year, 1 month)
java javascript xml soap jms osgi git maven ant shell linux wso2carbon jaggery-js soa

WSO2 is a leading company on enterprise service middleware, As a part of the kernel team, I worked in developing an experiment project to help and identify the feasible features for the next kernel release.

• Designed and implemented cluster, node monitoring and managing service for WSO2 products based on kernel OSGI model. This helped to monitor the cluster,node health and start/restart/stop capabilities.

• Updated the WSO2 kernel with distributed hazelcast caching dependency for java 7.


BEng Software Engineering

University of Westminster

2012 → 2016
java c++ android unity3d c# javascript arduino php node.js git

• First Class Honours in BEng (Hons) Software Engineering

• Developed a real-time communication platform based on Apache Stratos PaaS - WSO2 Hackathon SL - 1st runner-up

• Developed an online rating system for police stations - Code4Good 2015 SL - 1st runner-up

• Developed a 3D game - Microsoft Imagine Cup Sri Lanka 2013 SL - 2nd runner-up

• Developed a 3d game controlled by leap motion - Dialog Ideamart Hackathon SL - Code Ultimatum 2014 - 2nd runner-up

Open Source


Sep 2018 → Current (2 years, 11 months) 51 commits / 6,094 ++ / 2,582 -- Last commit on May 29, 20

Tool & Go Library For Image Manipulation (Merge, Crop, Resize, Watermark, Animate)


Nov 2017 → Current (3 years, 9 months) 15 commits / 1,744 ++ / 869 -- Last commit on Jul 30, 18

free online video/mp3 down-loader with help of golang technology. Distributed binaries for every platforms.


Mar 2016 → Current (5 years, 5 months)

NodeJS Youtube Search API


Mar 2016 → Current (5 years, 5 months)

Download spotify music with a single click


Feb 2016 → Current (5 years, 5 months)

Tappy Plane 2D Game Based on PhaserJS

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