Jordi Nebot
Frontend Web Developer

Jordi Nebot

Frontend Web Developer

Barcelona, Spain
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Intro Statement

Hiker, runner, outdoors lover, reader, rider and web developer based near Barcelona. My passion for coding began the day I discovered I could get endless lives messing around Nibbles' source code. I knew the Web was definitely my thing back when one called himself a webmaster after uploading a guestbook, a hit counter and an under construction animated GIF to GeoCities.

I'm currently a Front-end Developer at King. Always willing to learn and improve.


Front-end Developer


Mar 2019 → Current (2 years, 7 months)
angular reactjs typescript javascript git github html css agile kubernetes docker

Front End Development at Shared Tech Department

Front-end Web Developer

LoveToKnow Corp.

Feb 2018 → Feb 2019 (1 year, 1 month)
html5 javascript css3 git continuous-integration continuous-deployment github amazon-web-services agile scrum jenkins vuejs2

I was on the Front End Development team for and WordFinder, products by LoveToKnow Corp.

Full Stack Web Developer


Mar 2013 → Dec 2017 (4 years, 10 months)
php wordpress mysql javascript html5 css3 mongodb express angular node.js openlayers-3 geoserver

Besides multiple Wordpress themes and some promo landings made for digital agencies, I am particularly proud of a SPA I've built that handles geographical data (Shapefiles) within a PostGIS + GeoServer + OpenLayers tech stack to allow users (elementary school students) to select and rate many aspects of their daily commuting routes.

Collected data is used by several city councils to detect and improve critical points in their streets and municipal premises.

Front-end Web Developer

Havas Sports & Entertainment

Jun 2012 → Sep 2016 (4 years, 4 months)
javascript coffeescript php phalcon wordpress html css

Havas SE is a digital brand engagement agency where my job is to develop brand/product websites. I focus on building clean and maintainable code not just because we need it (we are responsible of its maintenance all along its lifetime) but because I love to. It's kinda challenging in this environment!

We mostly build our sites over Wordpress or Phalcon PHP (depending on requirements, project size, etc.) to provide our account executives easy CMS tools, so I'm used to develop Wordpress Themes and Plug-ins and also MVC Applications in OOP PHP.

The part I love most about my job is Front-end work. I use HTML5, SCSS and usually vanilla Javascript (sometimes jQuery when it's useful) written in CoffeeScript. I can't do it without Git and Sublime Text. My current build system is Gulp, but I've been using Grunt until 2015.


Computer Science

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

1998 → 2004
computer-science algorithm operating-system compiler-construction electronics

Apps & Software

React adoption

Nov 2019
reactjs typescript

Started working with React professionally

Switched to NeoVim

Oct 2017
neovim vim

After some weeks of learning and some failed attempts, I finally switched to the vim editor thanks to neovim.

Vue adoption

Sep 2017

Started working with Vue.js professionally

Top Posts


4 rounded points star shape

Jul 2017
Maybe you could use a gradient on the Black Four Pointed Star Unicode char: ✦ It has some compatibility issues (mostly caused by text-fill-color) but depending on your requirements it could get ...

ACF Query Posts by Repeater Field Not Empty

Oct 2016
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Stack Exchange

Community Name


You don't Know JS: Scope & Closures

Kyle Simpson

Clear explanation to fully understand JS' engine scope and closure handling. It also helps understand why some bad practices are such bad.


First computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum+2 128K
Favorite editor Neovim


Finally got my own Web

Professional website

Dec 2016
html css javascript

As every web developer out there I've failed many times on building a website for my own I could be proud of. So, I tried to keep it simple and it worked!

Smashing Conference Barcelona 2016


Oct 2016