Daniel Schmidt

Software Engineer at Mesosphere

Hamburg, Germany
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Software Engineer


Jan 2018 → Current (1 year, 3 months)

I am working with the frontend team on the User Interface of the DC/OS Operating System.

I am on a team that builds the foundation and tools for the frontend team, so improve CI, building developer tools like reactive-graphql and architect the way we are going to work with our tools.


Daniel Schmidt Consulting

Sep 2017 → Current (1 year, 7 months)

Founded this company to consult open source initiatives like detox by wix and to help them achive their goals faster.

Senior Software Engineer

Costa Digital Unit

Jan 2017 → Dec 2017 (1 year)

At Costa Digital I was part of the team building the MyAida app, which allowed customers to connect with each other and gather information about their AIDA cruise.

I developed features through the entire stack, adapted legacy services with go microservices, built CI / CD automation, configured cloud infrastructure with terraform, and I helped bringing kubernetes clusters to ships.

On top of that, I helped my co-workers to develop new skills and our team to improve workflows by challenging customs that seemed unnecessary.

Full Stack & Cross Platform Software Developer

weluse GmbH

Oct 2011 → Nov 2016 (5 years, 2 months)

weluse is an agency which focusses on developing modern, high-quality software for startups and startup projects within bigger companies.

The work involved a lot of direct communication with customers, self-organized work and responsibility for production systems. In my time there I developed into a driver for new technologies and development practices.

The most important projects I had a major part in were:

  • Ramelow
  • About You
  • Asset Metrix
  • SWN

You can read more about them on the weluse's website.


M.S. Computer Science

Christian-Albrechts Universität Kiel

Oct 2014 → Nov 2016

For my master project, I extended the tracing framework Kieker to include Javascript as a language. The main parts of the programming resolved around building an API based on the proxy specification, building performance benchmarks and writing a babel plugin to automatically annotate code.

B.S. Computer Science

Christian-Albrechts Universität Kiel

2011 → 2014

In my bachelor thesis I built an iOS App in cooperation with the ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG

Open Source (7)


Mar 2017 → Current (2 years, 1 month)

Detox is a Gray Box E2E Tests and Automation Library for Mobile Apps.

I added an automatic code generator that parses an Objective-C header file and automatically generates adapter file in Javascript to detox. This enables this project to adopt new features faster and more reliably.


Dec 2016 → Current (2 years, 4 months) 172 commits / 112,090 ++ / 45,126 -- Last commit on Feb 04, 19

React Native Sensors provides a developer-friendly interface to get data from native sensors like the gyroscope or accelerometer.

I built it because I wanted to create a user interface which responded to the movement of the device. In this process it became clear to me that there is no solid and nice-to-use solution, so I decided to build it.


Mar 2017 → Dec 2017 (10 months) 25 commits / 657 ++ / 321 -- Last commit on Jan 11, 18

As I had usability problems with flow I wrote a small tool to improve working with the add-on type system provided by facebook.


Dec 2015 → Dec 2017 (2 years, 1 month) 56 commits / 13,101 ++ / 8,855 -- Last commit on Nov 09, 17

A DrawerLayout polyfill for iOS in the React Native Context.

We used this project in my company, and I became an active core contributor and now the owner of this project. I decided to move it under the React Native Community domain as it became part of react-navigation, the recommended navigation solution for react-native.

React Native

Mar 2015 → Dec 2017 (2 years, 10 months)

React Native provides a new way to develop cross-platform iOS and Android applications.

I learned it right after it got open sourced, which allowed my company to deliver the iOS and Android application for the fashion house Ramelow in a faster time frame and with a lower budget compared to the regular way.

Besides that I am part of the issue task force; I help to label, enhance and answer issues and I added pin points to the map component.


Dec 2014 → Aug 2015 (9 months)

To help a friend of mine organize his workshops I wrote a web application which provides an interface for managing events and promoting them. The key part is a subscription model which lets interested persons easily enroll for updates on the event without requiring much data input.

It was built as a replacement for multiple E-Mail lists.

Turnier App

Mar 2014 → May 2015 (1 year, 3 months)

My dance sport club had the problem of managing the tournament participation from its members. To solve this problem, I built a portal that I hosted myself.

To automate the process completely, I built a ruby gem which fetches tournaments from the DTV (German Dancesport Federation) portal and I build an interface which generated PDF containing the goals for the dancer.

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Apps & Software

Shinano Kenshi Europe

Oct 2016

I developed a Wordpress website over the course of a few weeks to meet the demand for an up-to-date website for their sales team.

Top Posts


How can I run background tasks in React Native?

May 2016
Currently, there is, unfortunately, no support for background tasks of any kind. The feature you are referring to would be a background timer. Such a timer is this product pain (a feature request) for ...

React Native: Z Index on selection

Mar 2016
You may solve this by changing the rendering order of your components. Lets say you have some items you want to render in an array and an index of the selected item, so your render method may look ...

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Building a React Native Game with RxJS 5

Jun 2018

In this blog post, I build a game in React Native which uses sensors as inputs to control a ball. It is all controlled using RxJS

Up-To-Date React Native Demos

May 2017

During my time as an Open Source Developer for React Native Libraries, good examples seemed to be the key to me. The main problem maintainers face in this regard is to keep the demos up-to-date and present them in a way that is beneficial to their users. This post gives a detailed guide on how to set up a continuous delivery system that keeps the demos up-to-date.

Prettier - The Beauty and The Beast

May 2017

Prettier is a command line tool that auto-formats your Javascript code. I wrote a blog post about how to integrate it effectively and what advantages and disadvantages users might face.

React-Europe 2017

May 2017

I covered the React-Europe live and the blog post got officially tweeted, and it was added to the HackerNoon collection.

Auto-Fill with redux-forms

Apr 2016

I wrote this small article to provide help for other developers tackling problems with auto-completion and redux-form. It got mentioned in a thread about this topic by the author of redux-form.

How to pitch React Native to Developers

Apr 2016

This blog post is part of a series about pitching React Native to different people you may interact with. The other parts can be found here

React Native deployment with Fastlane

Oct 2015

This was one of the first articles explaining fastlane for react-native developers. It was linked in multiple newsletters and became a go-to resource for this topic for a time.

First impressions on React Native

May 2015

This was one of the first impression articles written about react-native. I wrote it the same day react-native got open sourced.

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Favorite editor vscode, vim


Regular presenter at Meetups


May 2016

Starting in May 2016 I frequently prepared talks for the meetups in the area around Hamburg. The talks mostly focussed around my day to day work and they were mostly in the React context at meetup groups like React.js Hamburg.

Founded the "React (Native) Meetup Kiel"


Apr 2016

A friend of mine and I decided we want to create a regular event for every React and React Native developer to collaborate and exchange ideas.

We didn't expect it to become this popular, but we currently have over 150 members and meet every two months.