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Software Engineer

voestalpine Sadef nv

Dec 2011 → Current (9 years)
wpf c# labview r powershell asp.net-web-api opc apache-spark

In the steel processing industry, heavy machinery must be positioned with great speed and accuracy, which is quite challenging under the always stricter customer constraints.

I wrote software and architected projects involving data-driven machine control, machine learning, data science, CAD/CAM, planning and BI.

Research Assistant in the Language and Translation Technology Team


Jan 2009 → Nov 2011 (2 years, 11 months)
python django natural-language-processi apache-config linux ajax

Worked on a research project to automatically predict readability of an unseen text. Especially made advances in the assessment of readability, using Ajax applications.

Team player

Set up wiki, version control, a Linux server for experiments, ... for my colleagues, of which most had a background in linguistics. Helped setting up the web site, ...


Created applications to acquire data, machine learning on that data, ... Wrote peer-reviewed articles.

Junior IT developer


Aug 2007 → Dec 2008 (1 year, 5 months)
java spring-framework lucene mysql xml php groovy

Create custom-made search solutions and apps for content management systems. Data transfer between different customers, using different document formats. Analysis, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, support, ... the whole shebang of the software development cycle. Projects for HR and publishing.


Doctoral Schools

Ghent University

Jan 2009 → Feb 2011
natural-language-processi genetic-algorithms formal-languages logics machine-learning

Finished the compulsory study programme to obtain a Ph.D. during my work as research assistant. Did not acquire the Ph.D., because the industry seemed more appealing after a while. I don't pursue an academic career anymore.

The courses:

  • Introduction to Language Technology (Doctoral Schools)
  • Computational Intelligence (Master level)
  • Statistical Prediction Techniques (Master level)
  • Logics and Formal Languages (Master level)
  • Combinatorial Algorithms (Master level)

Industrial Engineer in Informatics

University College Ghent

2004 → 2007
java .net xml sql c++ algorithm


Created a dataflow network tool in Java for my Master's thesis.

I learned quite a lot of technology during my engineering studies. However, much of the knowledge I gained there quickly fades, because new advances are made quickly. Therefore the technologies listed are only a small sample of what an Industrial Engineer in Informatics masters. The most important achievements during these studies were to grasp many concepts behind xml, data bases, algorithms, compilers, ...

I also learnt reading books, and that there is much more to find in books than in a classroom.

Mathematics and Physics

Ghent University

2003 → 2004
java statistics mathematics physics

Passed first year in Mathematics and Physics.

During the time I studied math and physics (a joint programme at the time), I learned to prove theorems, a skill which is not given to all programmers. My limited background in mathematics gives me a different view on some topics, as some of my teachers in following studies told me.

Open Source


python multithreading multiprocessing

A minimalistic workflow engine, written in Python

Created this project to speed up development of NLP experiments. I am the only contributor to this project.

Apps & Software

TiMBL syllabification

machine-learning python django

Enter a text as input and see how it is automatically split in syllables.

Created the web interface for a syllabification algorithm.

Sort by readability (EN)

ajax django

Using this tool, you can help us compose a readability corpus. You are shown two texts of which you can decide which is the more difficult and which is the easier one.

Another application to gather data for my readability research. This one is publicly available.

Expert Readers (EN)

ajax django

This password-protected application is an annotation tool to compose a gold standard for readability prediction. Contact us if you want to use it!

Designed and implemented the application in order to obtain a data set for my research.

Classical readability formulas

python django

In this demo, you can enter a Dutch or English text. The text is analyzed and the readability scores calculated. An overview of the results is then displayed.

Designed and implemented the demo.

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Some operation: O(x) The for loop: because n >= h and supposing h will not be modified during "some operation": O(n*x) The outer while loop: O(log(n)*n*x)

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Your regex is wrong. Between square brackets, you can put characters to require or to ignore. If you don't find ^(svn|cvs|nvs|mvc)$, you're fine.

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Switched main programming language, company and main OS a couple of times early in my career, thereby learning new habits, embracing new concepts, in fact creating a totally new working environment. Also changed working environment a couple of times: from a small IT company to a research team, to an industrial environment. There is always much left to learn, but I'm a pretty versatile developer, analyst and architect.