Application Developer @ ANSTO



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Intro Statement

Hi, I’m Javan. I’m an application developer based on Sydney, Australia.

There is a large number of aspects I enjoy about my job, some of which are creating new and exciting services and tools, giving users “that cool feeling” when they get hands on with something that reshapes the old and taking different technologies, both new and old, and using them to create a product that can make a big impact.

My goal is to make a large portfolio of projects for myself where each one has made a substantial impact and is full of projects I enjoyed working on.


Application Developer


Apr 2016 → Current (3 years, 9 months)

My role at ANSTO includes creating/maintaining in-house built applications for both internal and external users while providing support to staff when things don't work as expected. But most importantly I get the chance to explore new technologies and apply them to our daily workflow, such as an overhaul to our CI/CD process and integrated security monitoring to name a few.


Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Wollongong

2015 → 2018

I completed my Bachelors degree with majors in Digital System Security and Mobile Computing


First computer Pentium 4 Willamette
Favorite editor JetBrains IDEs and vim