Sascha Mayr

Fullstack Developer

Bolzano, Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol, Italy
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I enjoy creating products, not just websites or apps. When creating a product so many things come together; design, UX, development, business, marketing, etc. and just by combining all of these together a great product can be made. So in my main role as developer I try to not just be a "code monkey", but to see what the requirements are and develop a simple and clean application out of it.


Web Developer


Oct 2015 → Nov 2016 (1 year, 2 months)

(Re)building the frontend/UX, API specification, work on backend architecture, refactoring a large piece of code and infrastructure

Full Stack Developer


Oct 2013 → Oct 2015 (2 years, 1 month)

Creating a casino game platform for multiple apps/websites. Working mainly on the backend with Rails/postgres and later on the frontend with React


Adobe Illustrator: Mastering the Fundamentals

Dec 2016 → Dec 2016 (1 month)

Apps & Software


Sep 2014

Very similar app to Slotpark. Since this app was added later, the main challenge was to create a shared codebase for both apps, while still allowing rapid changes and special cases for both of them


Jun 2014

Casino app for android/Ios. I was mainly working on the backend and the API specification

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How to become a better Programmer

Markus Wein

Blog article about how to become a better programmer independent of your programming language and your current job position


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