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United States
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I get inspired. I create. I have too many ideas. I have even more things to do.

I'm a frontend developer who has spoken internationally and written publications about animations, user experience, and new frontend techniques. I love to create new ways to give users more enjoyable, immersive, customizable, and meaningful experiences.

Check out my site, GitHub profile, or CodePen account for more of my projects.

I'm currently working at GreenSock.

Feel free to message me at

Experience (7)

Senior front-end developer

Rally Interactive

Mar 2021 → Current (2 months)
html css javascript gsap eleventy node.js npm git svg webgl three.js canvas

I lead the front-end side of client projects and help younger developers grow their skills. I also work closely with designers, especially related to animation.

Senior Front-end Developer & Creative Technologist


Jul 2019 → Mar 2021 (1 year, 9 months)
gsap animation javascript php wordpress

Generated and implemented ideas to make GreenSock more profitable. This included revamping the GreenSock website, creating a video showreel of GSAP products, creating tutorials, articles, and demos to draw new users to GreenSock, and facilitating the fantastically helpful GreenSock community forums.

While at GreenSock, I did the work that would have taken at least three different freelance workers.

Student development intern


May 2017 → Jul 2019 (2 years, 3 months)
communication organization structure project-management relationship

I developed college students, helping them reach their full potential. I did so by giving talks, mentoring students, and creating programs to develop college students’ understanding of God, their maturity as individuals, and their leadership potential. I also raised over $100,000.



Jul 2014 → Dec 2016 (2 years, 6 months)
javascript css frontend html animation gsap velocity.js responsive-design sass jquery

I helped over 100 people be more productive and achieve more by helping them debug issues, structure their projects, and learn about various frontend web technologies.

Front-end developer

We Are Royale

Jun 2016 → Jul 2016 (2 months)
css javascript html frontend git animation c# svg unity3d augmented-reality user-interface typescript gulp npm node.js express sockets websocket flash after-effects photoshop haml pug lottie webgl

I helped push forward the capabilities of what We Are Royale could achieve, and therefore market, by researching and developing new animation techniques, including page transitions, 3D work, character animations, and conversion from Flash and After Effects to code.

Front-end developer

Leader Enterprises

Jun 2014 → Aug 2014 (3 months)
css javascript html frontend git animation drupal user-interface

Worked as a full-time frontend developer including websites for Mizuno and General Mills.

Summer front-end intern

Delta Data Software

May 2013 → Jul 2013 (3 months)
.net javascript html css css-animations design frontend c#
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Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Georgia

2013 → 2017
git java python c c++ oop data-structures command-line vi vim emacs github arduino microprocessors simulation javascript html css algorithm

During college, I developed my professional skill set primarily during my free time through personal projects and freelance work.

School subjects that I studied included virtual reality, graphic design, web development, data structures, simulation and modeling, high level math, and physics.

Open Source


Jun 2018 → Current (2 years, 11 months) 16 commits / 1,198 ++ / 238 -- Last commit on Apr 19, 20
canvas dom javascript html2canvas

A small JS library to break DOM elements into animated Canvas particles.

Just Read

Oct 2015 → Current (5 years, 7 months) 220 commits / 13,737 ++ / 6,718 -- Last commit on Mar 25, 21
javascript google-chrome-extension

An attractive article formatter to increase readability and help people be more productive. Essentially a pretty read mode.


Dec 2015 → Dec 2015 (1 month)

An agent-based simulator written in Javascript for the purpose of games and visualizations


May 2015 → Jun 2015 (2 months)

Loading effects for assets including some built in animated reveals


Jul 2014 → Aug 2014 (2 months)

Rotate an element depending on the click location

Apps & Software

VR Fossil Explorer

May 2017
vr unity3d htc-vive haptic-feedback multiplayer

A fossil explorer simulation for teachers to show the life scale of fossils and teach what they look like.

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CSS Animation Tricks — CSS-Tricks

Jan 2014

Because I fell into the habit of creating CSS animations in my free time, inspired by things I came across during the day, I'd try to challenge myself to create the animations as I imagine them using as few elements as possible. In this post I share them with the web community.

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