Uroš Jarc

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Freelance Software Engineer


2018 → Current (1 year, 3 months)

Working as a freelancer developer in the fields of Web & cloud, desktop, QA & testing, Data & analytics. "Turning peoples dreams into their reality" is my motto, and "No problem" is my mentality.

QA Engineer

Celtra, Inc.

Jan 2018 → Oct 2018 (10 months)

Developing special automatization tools for QA team. Service bots, webhooks, service integrations, REST-full servers, executing regression tests, etc...

Software Engineer

UCS d.o.o. (safesize)

Mar 2017 → Dec 2017 (10 months)

Developing AWS serverless API with various service integrations and WebSocket communication. Providing support on TensorFlow deep neural network research. Developing custom GUI automatization tools for data science team. Developing console line interfaces for automatization purposes. Creating integration flow with backend and frontend.

Back-end Developer

Facility for Hotels

Oct 2015 → Jan 2017 (1 year, 4 months)

Developing express.js API with various service integrations, WebSocket communications, auth security. Testing critical systems with a unit and e2e tests. Creating integration flow with backend and frontend team.

Software Developer


Jun 2015 → Dec 2015 (7 months)

Programming custom JavaFX GUI software for headhunting via twitter API service. Creating custom search algorithms, etc...

Back-end Developer

PROXIMA Interactive

Sep 2014 → Apr 2015 (8 months)

Developing express.js API with various service integrations, websocket comunications, auth security. Testing critical systems with unit, e2e tests. Creating integration flow with backend and frontend team.

Full-stack Developer

Pavle Bohinc s.p.

May 2014 → Aug 2014 (4 months)

Developing simple eCommerce web software.

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Aug 2011 → Aug 2013

Programming classes (Python, C, Matlab, Mathematica), Data science, Data analysis & visualization, etc...

In the course of my physics studies, I acquired a broad spectrum of knowledge that has proved to be very useful in my work as a programmer. What I learnt from lectures and my own personal studies helped me to quickly and thoroughly cover the new area of programming fields like data science, algorithms etc... An understanding of physics also helps me to assess the new trends in science swiftly yet critically. It makes my work easier and more interesting and is a source of great joy.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies

Aug 2007 → Aug 2011

Microcontrollers programming, electronics board design, etc...

In the course of my electronics studies, I acquired a broad spectrum of knowledge about microcontrollers, embedded systems (PIC, Arduino) which proved to be a rock solid base for my future programming carer. An understanding of electronics devices also helps me to assess the new trends in computer development. I really enjoyed being in this school!


Open Source (7)


Jun 2016 → Current (2 years, 9 months) 254 commits / 3,717,694 ++ / 3,714,685 -- Last commit on Feb 04, 19

Linux post installation helper and manager.


Dec 2015 → Current (3 years, 4 months) 97 commits / 36,027 ++ / 26,006 -- Last commit on Oct 09, 18

Headhunt application is database scraper for API users on which it implements custom and optimized search queries to find the right person for your job!


Oct 2015 → Apr 2017 (1 year, 6 months) 117 commits / 16,374 ++ / 14,427 -- Last commit on Apr 09, 17

Opinionated socket lib, helping you to build REST like arhitecture socket API.


Nov 2016 → Mar 2017 (4 months) 52 commits / 3,596 ++ / 1,637 -- Last commit on Mar 18, 17

Extends gitbook build system with pandoc converter.


May 2015 → Feb 2017 (1 year, 9 months) 55 commits / 4,458 ++ / 3,100 -- Last commit on Feb 21, 17

Remove multiple if/elif/else statements with decision table!


Jul 2016 → Dec 2016 (6 months) 344 commits / 51,000 ++ / 41,224 -- Last commit on Dec 31, 16

Yeoman 2nth generator with easier and opinionated workflow.


Dec 2016 → Dec 2016 (1 month) 10 commits / 1,415 ++ / 239 -- Last commit on Dec 14, 16

JSDoc plugin which connects inline comments & mocha tests specs with docs elements.

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Favorite editor VIM, JetBrains IDE's


International IYPT certificate


Apr 2011

In the school year 2011-2012, Slovenia participated for the first time in the International Youth Physics Tournament (IYPT) International Gymnasts Competition. An important role in the preparations for the competition was given to two FMF UL student students who independently solved two experimental problems in the project project, and then moved to present solutions with selected teams of gymnasiums. Students were dedicated to solving problems and preparing with gymnasiums also their leisure time and motivated to work with the national organizers of the competition.

Von-Karman effect


Apr 2010

The topic of the research was for our group the effect of air cutting. Water could also be selected for the medium, but the equipment was more suitable for carrying out measurements in the air medium. So we decided to tie a cord (eg a fishing lacquer) to a silent electric motor rotating it with a rotor. The strength of the string was measured with a microphone and the frequency of the rotor was monitored by a high-speed camera. The sound level was measured across the entire audio frequency spectrum.

Ball looping analysis


Jan 2010

Our task was to determine the minimum required height from which we drop the ball so that it can still perform a looping in a perfect circle so that it does not separate from the substrate that creates the looping loop. For our observed objects we selected balls of different sizes and densities. You could have chosen a water or a car for the observer, but we have available more balls than anything else. This way, we will be able to describe the required height of the object for our looping condition for different object parameters (balls). We made the circle from the cover strip for electrical installations, which we inserted into the nails that were to be struck in a circle. We will say more in the following. At the end of the experiment, we visually observed when the ball was moving away from the base, which is also a prerequisite for successful looping.