Pavel Komarov

Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman

Melbourne, Atlanta, Mountain View, Bradenton
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This is an incomplete story right now. For more of my work, project history, and skills see my LinkedIn (, which I plan to migrate here instead soon. I also intend to make a Jekyll site to host old projects on github, but for now I have a projects depot at


Software Engineer II

Northrop Grumman

Jul 2017 → Current (2 years)

I give recommendations about what I think will work to solve our problems, open issues, write code to solve those issues, explore and do research to make sure my designs are elegant, present my ideas and results to the group, and occasionally get to teach the wider organization about machine learning.

Software Developer intern


May 2015 → Jul 2015 (3 months)

I designed and built a feature to identify "zombie" devices--clients that appeared to have ceased reasonable operation and sent the server a high volume of erratic packets--and reset their server-side sync-state in the hope this would get them to behave.

Program Manager intern


May 2014 → Aug 2014 (4 months)

I worked with a mentor and researcher to scale up a data-mining operation and evaluate what we could learn about users and whether it could be useful.

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Many but Finite

Gustavo Duarte

Gustavo Duarte is an insightful, clever, and surprisingly hilarious author. His posts cover computer minutiae in grave detail, but it's somehow never boring.


First computer An old Gateway desktop when I was a kid. First personal computer: A Lenovo E420 I have been performing surgery on since 2011.
Favorite editor Sublime, gedit


Created and open-sourced a machine learner

open source

Feb 2018

Read an old paper, rederived tons of math, implemented, documented, tested, plugged in to continuous integration and code coverage monitoring