David Yell
Senior Software Engineer at Comparison Technologies Ltd
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David Yell

Senior Software Engineer at Comparison Technologies Ltd

Southampton, England, United Kingdom
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Experience (11)

Senior Software Engineer

Comparison Technologies Ltd

Jul 2018 → Jan 2022 (3 years, 7 months)
mysql vue.js php nginx typescript amazon-web-services jestjs cypress cakephp reactjs

Working alongside various teams to design, develop and launch the Envoy product across the businesses three international contact centres. Then migrated into AWS, including re-engineering for a distributed cloud system, monitoring, alerting and logging.

Collaboration with the contact centre teams to support the product and aiding the Product team with discovery on new opportunities to deliver the best impact for the business. Later in this role I moved into supporting the contact centres using AWS Connect.

PHP Developer

UK Web Media

Oct 2012 → Jul 2018 (5 years, 10 months)
cakephp php html5 css3 mysql cakephp-3.0 redis memcached vagrant

As a developer in the UKWM production team my role is primarily supporting account service teams with web technologies, maintenance of existing sites and developing new websites.

Other aspects of the role include converting older legacy code bases onto more modern development frameworks. Also collaborating with the operations team to find better tools and techniques for development, deployment and workflow. I also help the account service team to refine requirements and collaborate with them to flesh out functionality and ensure they have thought about all the technical aspects of the requirements.

I also pursue a keen interest in open source software to help the business develop assets more quickly whilst also feeding back into the open source community.

Senior Web Developer

Boluga Ltd

Apr 2012 → Sep 2012 (6 months)
php html css prototype jquery magento cakephp expressionengine

Contract developing an advertising platform website and application with CMS using CakePHP. Integrating an EAV style database for flexibility, full back-end integration and subscription system using PayPal.

Development Manager

Remarkable Group

May 2011 → Mar 2012 (11 months)
php mysql html css linux javascript jquery drupal wordpress jira

A diverse role, I was tasked with everything from technical consultation during project scoping, writing up documentation, software design, planning, and also overseeing the development of all the companies digital projects. I also supported colleagues and external clients on various web and hosting issues. I implemented version control, a ticketing system and also started a hosting consolidation project to reduce hosting outgoings.

Application Developer

Just Develop It

Aug 2009 → Apr 2011 (1 year, 9 months)
php mysql css html javascript jquery ajax cakephp memcache

My role involves me in both back and front end work across a range of projects. Working as a lead developer on our interactive sales software I am the first point of contact for account managers to help them develop new features and ideas to help conversions. I liaise with them to fulfil their clients requirements, whether that is a new feature or adjusting an existing one.

Working with Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP, the role is varied across both front and back end. Featuring procedural and object orientated php, and also plain javascript as well as jQuery. From building new features, maintenance and also developing front-end interfaces.

Web Developer

Global Marketing Group

Mar 2009 → Aug 2009 (6 months)
php mysql html css unix cakephp

My role encompasses all aspects online and digital media. Working on managing the web hosting, configuring email servers, through, developing and designing websites, user experience analysis and design, ecommerce strategies, social media channels, project management, business management and customer services.

Lead Developer

Lawton Communications Group

Jan 2008 → Mar 2009 (1 year, 3 months)
php mysql html css unix cakephp javascript

When the development team was divided amongst child agencies I was given the role of managing the Lawtonware projects, from server configuration, systems design, right across to development and deployment. Liasing with both the programming team, project managers and account managers, I had to ensure that all aspects of the project were in place and available to both internal and external clients. I also mentored my colleagues and ensured they had everything they needed in the online environment in order to succeed and meet deadlines and expectations.

Fast track technical engineer

Five by Five Digital

Jan 2007 → Mar 2009 (2 years, 3 months)
html css email

Working in a small dynamic team, my role was to create email marketing campaigns, code emails from design, collate sender databases, and schedule email sends using the agencies third party email application.



Jan 2007 → Mar 2009 (2 years, 3 months)
php mysql html css unix cakephp javascript

Working initially on the agencies in house recruitment software solution, my role meant liasing with clients and within the internal development team to support end users and their clients. From running face to face training sessions, to email and phone support, bug fixing, maintenance and development of new features.


Business Technology Partners

Jun 2006 → Aug 2006 (3 months)
html css php mssql

Working on PrawnSandwich.com youth football league website. I was responsible for implementing a new design, streamlining the back end code and fixing various front end cross browser bugs. • Implementation of new design to existing system • Strict deadline driven objectives • Developing cross browser compatible front end

eBusiness Marketing Assistant

Toshiba Carrier UK

Nov 2001 → Dec 2002 (1 year, 2 months)
html css

My role involved implementing Toshiba and Carrier websites, Intranet and work with the Sales and Marketing database tool, creating other sales tools and liaising with global web teams. • Inter department communications • Corporate website and intranet development • Working with Toshiba Distributor Extranet

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BSc eCommerce & Internet Systems

University of Portsmouth

2002 → 2006
systems-design systems-analysis visual-basic rss apache ui database

Level 1

Basic Mathematical Methods for Information Technology
Business Statistics
Developing Information Systems
Financial Accounting
Law for Computer Users
PC Systems & Management
Programming Introduction
Programming Project
Science, Technology & Society
Web Authoring and Internet Infrastructure

Level 2

Application Usability for Desktop and Web
Current eCommerce Technologies
Intermediate Systems Analysis & Design
Introduction to eCommerce Infrastructure
Professional and Career Development
Project Management for Information Systems
Webserver Use, Configuration and Management
Windows as a Development Environment 2

Level 3

Data Warehousing
Database Systems B
Ecommerce - A Critical Evaluation of Technology
Final Year Engineering Project
Human Computer Interaction Design
Professional Development for IT Management

Open Source


Nov 2014 → Current (7 years, 3 months) 223 commits / 9,147 ++ / 5,430 -- Last commit on Aug 02, 19
php cakephp-3.0

An upload plugin for CakePHP 3.

As the founder of this plugin I wanted to create an upload plugin which gave enough flexibility, but also a good set of features for people looking to upload files in CakePHP 3.

Making use of the events system it incorporates the Imagine library for manipulating images into thumbnails, and also can be customised using custom event listeners.


Aug 2013 → Current (8 years, 6 months)
php cakephp

A website to showcase websites built using CakePHP

As a core contributor of this open source project I got the whole project rolling by taking on the database design provided by another developer and built the site on top of that, allowing other contributors to build on top of my work.


Jul 2013 → Current (8 years, 7 months) 27 commits / 768 ++ / 129 -- Last commit on Aug 07, 17
php cakephp

A behaviour to allow model records to have various statuses

As the founder of this project I wanted to create a way for the various status of items in CMS's to be managed in a central way, and effect the system around it in a consistent manner.

This plugin will allow developers to create various statuses for items in the CMS and reflect those statuses in both the front-end website for users and also in the admin for administrators.


Apr 2013 → Current (8 years, 10 months)
php cakephp

Model behaviour to append a name to a select

As the founder of this plugin, I needed a way to display data to a user in a format which made sense to them. So in order to improve their user experience this plugin will use the associations between models to create more verbose and intuitive select box data for users.


Dec 2012 → Current (9 years, 2 months) 53 commits / 1,839 ++ / 1,419 -- Last commit on May 01, 18
php cakephp

A roll up plugin of various bits to improve the look of admin areas.

This is a bespoke CakePHP baking theme which allows the generation of admin mvc stacks. I was sick of having to create cms systems and adding in all the extra things I needed, as well as all the styling.

This bake theme allows me to automate all that work, meaning I can bake out customised cms pages instantly.

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