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Christopher Ronning

Software Engineer

Brooklyn, NY, United States
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Intro Statement

Software engineer, mostly working on the web. I'm experienced in server-side and browser-based development, specializing in C#, .NET Core, JavaScript, React, and Node.js.


Software Engineer


May 2019 → Current (4 months)

Software Engineer


Apr 2017 → Current (2 years, 5 months)
  • Build out the company's new order fulfillment system by leading front-end efforts with React, and contributing significant code for feature development on several C# and Node.js back-ends.
  • Configure continuous integration and several AWS services for various projects.
  • Contribute to agile sprint estimation and planning
  • Help organize a team of engineering contractors to support business needs.

Freelance Developer


Sep 2016 → Mar 2017 (7 months)

Create, upgrade, and maintain primarily front-ends of websites and applications for a variety of clients. I strive to continuously learn new tools so that I can respond to the needs of any client.

Software Developer

Eastern Trans Tech

Aug 2016 → Dec 2016 (5 months)

Assist the founder in the development of a client-facing mobile application, designed to be a companion for the company's more traditional, web-based site. Responsible primarily for front-end functionality.

Stack Exchange

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Eloquent JavaScript

Marijn Haverbeke

This book really helped me to cross alot of hurdles. Great explanation and, more importantly, illustration, of fundamental JavaScript concepts.


First computer Some generic Dell Desktop with a Celeron processor.
Favorite editor Visual Studio



First Language

Oct 2013

My first serious attempt at programming. I worked out of one of Zed Shaw's books and slowly let it take over my mind. Eventually I more or less abandoned Ruby in favor of Javascript and Node.js

First Attempts at Programming



Beyond some basic HTML and CSS styles to get my Myspace and other blog sites looking pristine, my first attempt at all of this was with Javascript in the Firefox console. I would try on and off again over the years.

First Computer

Life Event


My family got our first desktop computer around this time. Having played some DOS games and watched my uncle manipulate the command line like a wizard on his PC, I was more than ecstatic to have my own.