Klas Mellbourn

Web developer and founder at Capenta AB

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
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I have a passion for software development. I love solving logical problems. I like, and practice (!), TDD. I love web development, both the immediate visual feedback and the challenge of a heterogenous environment, where you need knowledge in so many different areas to be effective: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, webpack, node, C#, Razor etc.

I have been a professional developer since 1994. Early in my career the wisdom was that you could only be a developer for a couple of years, after that you would not be able to keep up with the pace of technological advances. Since then the pace has only increased and I have found that it is great fun to hold on to the bleeding edge of technology. "Latest and Greatest" is my favorite expression.

contact: klas@mellbourn.net, +46 708 80 00 00

Experience (8)


Klarna AB

Dec 2016 → Current (1 year, 11 months)

Web, app and node developer. Participated in the teams that developed the Klarna checkout and the Klarna app. Both of which have millions of users. Demo site: https://demo.klarna.se/fashion/kco/ App: https://www.klarna.com/se/smoooth-app/

Software development consultant

Capenta AB

2004 → Current (14 years, 10 months)

Full stack web development and NET consulting. I like to try different new technologies. I thrive when confronted with constant change and new challenges. I have done contracts for widely different customers: medical, banking, clothing industry and startups. I don't like to stay in one place for too long.

Web developer and project leader

XamFlow consortium

Feb 2015 → Feb 2017 (2 years, 1 month)

I am web developer and project lead in a part of the XamFlow consortium developing a workflow and image processing application for Micro-CT.

We develop a mobile web application as a SPA using AngularJS, TypeScript and Material Design to create a modern, state of the art, responsive application. Our aim is to create an intuitive and effecient application for professionals to use on all types of devices; any smartphone or tablet.

I personally set up the entire continuous deployment workflow, where I use docker to contain both our development environment and the deployed website. As soon as a developer pushes changes to Github, a CircleCI build is triggered that builds the application inside a node:latest docker container and deploys it in a slim, superfast ngingx:latest docker container. The latter is then deployed using Tutum on a loadbalanced set of servers on Azure.

We developed visualizations of 3D images that were displayed in VR in a web page using the WebVR standard.

System Architect


2002 → 2004 (3 years)

Architect with responsibility for security and .NET. Ascade had a startup mentality and rapid pace development. I demonstrated the performance and efficiency boost of using .NET technology above VB6.

Founder, consultant

Relogic AB

1999 → 2002 (4 years)

Founded and actively built up this company from 3 to 15 employees. Personally recruited most of the workforce and found contracts for many of them. Simultaneously actively working as a consultant.

R&D Manager

e-c2000 AB

Jan 2000 → Dec 2000 (1 year)

Founder, R&D Manager and systems architect. Designed and developed a framework for internet payments. Developed security architecture, smart card integration, database design.


Cap Gemini Sverige AB

1994 → 1998 (5 years)

Software development consultant. Despite my short career at that point, I was lead developer in several important Cap Gemini projects. I architected the database, business model and backend software for a major economy system at Sweden's largest energy producer.

Software developer


1989 → 1992 (4 years)

Part time job (during college) as a independent internal software developer. I discovered the joy of producing software directly for individual users, making their work easier and more efficient.

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M.S. Engineering Physics


1989 → 1994

Master of Science in Engineering Physics.

I was the single student at KTH to be chosen to participate as a summer student at CERN, a program comprising about 100 of the best physics students in the world.

Naturvetenskapliga linjen

Östra Reals Gymnasium

1986 → 1989

First generation to participate in computer studies at high school level in Sweden. I was a top student and received several scholarships in science. Chosen as the school representative at a national convention for chemistry students.


Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications

2012 → 2012 (1 year)

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

2012 → 2012 (1 year)

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

2003 → 2003 (1 year)

Open Source


Dec 2014 → Current (3 years, 11 months)

GitExtensions is a shell extension, a Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012 plugin and a standalone Git repository tool.

fixed a bug


Oct 2014 → Current (4 years, 1 month)

Sorting of semantic versions in PowerShell



Dec 2012 → Current (5 years, 11 months)

For painless integration of ELMAH into ASP.NET MVC application

feature pull request

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First computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Favorite editor Visual Studio Code