Divyanshu Maithani

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Dehradun, India
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Intro Statement

I'm a JavaScript engineer passionate about open-source. I believe in simplicity and KISS to design software. I love to work with open-minded people who value creative thinking to solving problems :)


Senior Software Engineer


Oct 2018 → Current (5 months)

Senior Frontend Engineer


Jun 2017 → Oct 2018 (1 year, 5 months)

I've been building and scaling the front-end at Appbase as a JavaScript Engineer.

Some of the things I've been working on:

  • ReactiveSearch: Elasticsearch UI components for React and React Native

  • Reactivecore: The core architecture for building reactive UI libraries which powers both web and native versions of ReactiveSearch

  • DejaVu: One of the most popular Elasticsearch web GUI with a ton of features including inline editing

  • Appbase DesignKit: The Appbase Design language built into extensible React components

  • Appbase.io: Creating the Appbase site on a modern stack with design components and SSR

  • ReactiveManual: The docs for building data driven UI with ReactiveSearch

  • Appbase Dashboard: Appbase's universal dashboard app

  • Appbase Importer: Appbase's in-house Elasticsearch importer

  • Searchbase: Drag and drop UI builder for ReactiveSearch

  • ReactiveApps: An intuitive full website builder powered by ReactiveSearch

Software Design Engineer

Newgen Software Technologies

Jun 2016 → Dec 2016 (7 months)

As a software developer, worked on a business process suite


Computer Science and Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India

Jun 2012 → May 2016
  • Contributed to CodeCombat project
  • Frontend and UI/UX development on an educational android app
  • Member of the GLUG at NIT Hamirpur
  • Design, lead at Srijan, NIT Hamirpur's annual magazine

Open Source (13)

Appbase Design System

May 2018 → Current (10 months) 60 commits / 9,803 ++ / 6,918 -- Last commit on Aug 14, 18

Design system for appbaseio ecosystem

Appbase Dashboard

Jan 2018 → Current (1 year, 2 months) 81 commits / 104,244 ++ / 3,044 -- Last commit on May 26, 18

Appbase.io's universal dashboard app

Reactive Manual

Nov 2017 → Current (1 year, 4 months) 181 commits / 43,237 ++ / 17,165 -- Last commit on Sep 26, 18

Docs for ReactiveSearch (and Maps)

Reactive Core

Nov 2017 → Current (1 year, 4 months) 60 commits / 1,166 ++ / 626 -- Last commit on Oct 02, 18

Core architecture of reactive UI libraries

Reactive Search

Nov 2017 → Current (1 year, 4 months) 604 commits / 32,673 ++ / 16,339 -- Last commit on Oct 04, 18

A React and React Native UI components library for building data-driven apps


Jul 2017 → Current (1 year, 8 months) 284 commits / 13,230 ++ / 4,979 -- Last commit on Sep 14, 18

The Missing Web UI for Elasticsearch

React Animated Weather

Apr 2017 → Current (1 year, 11 months) 28 commits / 10,552 ++ / 1,827 -- Last commit on Oct 28, 18

Animated weather component for React inspired by Skycons

Realtime Todos Native

Feb 2018 → Feb 2018 (1 month)

A realtime Todos app built with React Native and Reactive Search.


Nov 2017 → Feb 2018 (4 months)

GitHub repo explorer app built with reactivesearch

Promise Me Later

Aug 2017 → Feb 2018 (7 months) 32 commits / 7,994 ++ / 4,196 -- Last commit on Feb 24, 18

A minimal, vanilla JS library to throttle/rate-limit fetch, API calls and other promise returning functions

Unsplash Source ES6

Mar 2017 → Nov 2017 (9 months) 39 commits / 4,280 ++ / 194 -- Last commit on Nov 24, 17

A minimal and extensible javascript wrapper for the powerful Unsplash API in order to make use of its public methods without any API key or client ID. Also available from NPM

Fluid Scroll

Feb 2017 → Apr 2017 (2 months)

fluid-scroll.js is an independent, pure JS minimal library for smooth scrolling that takes care of all your smooth-scrolling needs. I'm currently working to re-write this and publish on NPM and include few more API calls.

AKS Parallel

Oct 2015 → Dec 2015 (3 months)

Parallel implementation of AKS algorithm in Intel

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Advantages of dynamic vs static routing in React

Feb 2018
Dynamic Routing From the react router docs: When we say dynamic routing, we mean routing that takes place as your app is rendering, not in a configuration or convention outside of a running ...

Using ReactiveSearch with plain elasticsearch

Feb 2018
Yes, it's possible to connect to a normal Elasticsearch cluster (docs) with reactivesearch. It seems you're using the correct props. Sample code: <ReactiveBase app="your-elasticsearch-index" ...

Which HTTP code should be return from REST API?

Oct 2016
You should be returning a 400 error for bad request. Check out this reference. The server cannot or will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be a client error (e.g., ...

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Building a GitHub Repo Explorer with React and Elasticsearch

Jan 2018

Building a fast search for top GitHub repos with React and Elasticsearch. The data is synced to Elasticsearch via a NodeJS script which intelligently fetches all repos with more than 500 stars.

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You don't know JS

Kyle Simpson

One of the best books I've read on JavaScript and one of the many things that inspired me to be a JavaScript developer :)


First computer An assembeled Pentium 4 PC
Favorite editor VSCode