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Intro Statement

I have experience with Full-Stack Web, and Systems and Network programming, and some experience with Blockchain.


  • My work with Orbifold's blockchain was "systems programming". I finished the new feature I was hired for with time to spare, then I refactored the existing code and learned most of it.
  • Next I was hired by LAB577. I helped with their Braid project, which acts as a REST or RPC server, a relay for applications to connect to CorDapps.

Full-Stack Web

  • For ModelText I wrote an HTML renderer and editor: including a CSS parser, a DOM, and a render tree.
  • Work at BlackBerry introduced me to WebKit: browser internals and test suites and JavaScript modules.
  • I was sole developer of Strawberry Media's application: JavaScript for a UI based on Google Maps, with SQL server as the back end. I wrote an ORM, defined the database schema, and made a mashup of data from third-party sources.
  • In 2019 I learned React, with TypeScript and Node.js -- see

Systems and Network Programming

I have years of experience doing system and network programming, mostly using C++ and C:

  • Device drivers
  • Network switches and protocol converters
  • Servers
  • Mobile devices
  • Image encoding/decoding

That means thinking about memory, multi-threading, I/O, concurrency, reliability, and system architecture.

Early Experience

  • My formal education was Applied Mathematics.
  • My first job was as "software engineer" with Bell Northern Research in Ottawa — software for a packet switched data network, used by Bell and banks.
  • I next worked several years as a contract technical writer for IBM, after BNR and before starting with LANSource.


  • I have started new ("greenfield") projects, and worked with large ("mature") systems.
  • I can be a sole developer, working with the head of a startup or product owner for the specifications. Equally, I look forward to working with other developers again!

Sample Projects

Most of my work is work-for-hire closed-source but my most recent work, with LAB577, was open source:

I used React and TypeScript to write a demo application, implementing Stack Overflow's user interface design:

I published components of my ModelText project:

I was active on Stack Overflow when it started; and on other Stack Exchange sites including Code Review:

Experience (13)

Software developer (blockchain middleware)


Oct 2019 → Dec 2019 (3 months)

Contract developer — their project named "Braid" is middleware that connects applications to CorDapps running on Corda nodes. I developed its support for OpenAPI annotations, which document CordApp flow classes; a sample CordApp for testing; and user login.

Software developer (blockchain system)

Dec 2018 → Feb 2019 (3 months)

Contract developer — the product was a capital markets Blockchain. I developed all its support for Smart Contracts, ensuring their evaluation at runtime will be deterministic. I also refactored the system; improved performance; and made it easier to test.

Software developer (web application)

Strawberry Media

Jan 2013 → Jul 2017 (4 years, 7 months)

Sole developer, reporting to the CEO — the product was a web application for first responders: which presents hazmat and vehicle rescue data, and lets users collaboratively annotate maps and floorplans.

Software developer (web browser)

BlackBerry (Research In Motion)

Feb 2011 → May 2012 (1 year, 4 months)

With the team porting WebKit to BlackBerry — I helped code the media player which supported <video> and <audio> tags; and I wrote a Selenium/WebDriver bot, using JavaScript in the browser, to support WebDriver.

Self-employed (web browser)


2007 → Dec 2010 (4 years)

I developed a requirements management application for Windows desktop — one component displays and edits HTML, it is published at

Senior developer (telephony server)

NewStep Networks

2006 → 2007 (2 years)

Developing call-switching telephony software — I helped intercept the standard Phone application on Windows Mobile by writing a device driver, a redirector for TAPI; and I refactored their Linux telephony server.

Consultant (medical device)

UVA Capital Corp.

2004 → 2006 (3 years)

Developing a heart monitor — I read about cardiology, architected the system with other developers, developed a real-time signal display, and encoded diagnostic rules for a prototype "diagnostic server".

Senior engineer (telephony integration)

VoiceGenie Technologies

Sep 2003 → Dec 2003 (4 months)

I integrated their VoiceXML IVR with a 3rd-party CTI (i.e. with Cisco's ICM). For that project I pre-planned the implementation and, at their request, the schedule.

Chief developer (telecommunications)


1991 → May 2003 (12 years, 5 months)

I was a first developer at this startup in 1991, later chief of a team of 20 in 1999 when 3Com bought it. I trained new developers, and oversaw the software's evolution, from DOS TSRs to a telco-grade fax server.

Contract technical writer


1987 → 1991 (5 years)

Wrote user, installation, and test manuals, for IBM network and database software products.

Contract technical writer

Concurrent Computer Corporation

1985 → 1987 (3 years)

Wrote user, administrator, and programmers' manuals, for Concurrent’s network software and for their knowledge-based expert system.

Software engineer

Bell Northern Research

1983 → 1985 (3 years)

Designed and developed a packet assembler/disassembler (protocol converter), to connect devices using the SDLC protocol to their packet-switched data network. Diagnosed and fixed bugs in released software and in newly developed software.

Network engineer

Bell Northern Research

1981 → 1982 (2 years)

Analyzed and documented the performance (throughput, MTBF, delay) of their packet-switched data network. Developed a network topology used in a bid for American Airline’s reservations network.

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B.A. Mathematics

King's College, Cambridge, UK

1979 → 1983

Apps & Software

Discussion Forum using React

Jul 2019

To learn React I used it to write a clone of Stack Overflow's main web pages and components -- with the URLs which define its interface with its server, and mocking the backend so that the UI can be exercised.

CSS Component for .NET

Dec 2010

This managed component for .NET parses CSS, and implements the CSS specificity and inheritance calculations, with no external dependencies except a Gold Parser engine).

HTML Edit Control for .NET

Dec 2010

This a custom control for Windows Forms: it is an HTML renderer and editor, to let end users edit HTML content. It is light-weight, self-contained, and secure, with no dependencies on unmanaged code nor on browsers like Internet Explorer. Its implementation is about 30,000 lines of code.

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