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System Administrator & Developer at TUBİTAK-ULAKBIM

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System Administrator & Developer


Nov 2016 → Current (2 years, 11 months)

Operate and maintain large HPC systems, develop required tools to support operation and users of the systems.

Head of R&D and Developer


Oct 2012 → Current (7 years)
  • Development of a nation-wide thin-client and LTSP based system
  • Development of necessary tools and programs for the maintenance and operation of the LDAP services and other relevant infrastructure
  • Decision maker in the development process, participating designer and technical leader of the project.
  • Development of X2Go based thin client system which will be used by hundreds of users initially and will scale.
  • Fixing bugs and submitting patches to upstream in Linux in any package necessary.

System Administrator and Developer


Jun 2006 → Oct 2012 (6 years, 5 months)
  • Administering the hardware and OS installations on a large linux cluster. Mostly fine tuning of the hardware and the OS for the best performance and reliability.
  • Developing software required for automated tasks or advanced monitoring of the infrastructure.
  • Detailed diagnosis & reporting of hardware problems. Replacing the part with the spare (incl. CPU, motherboard or any part regardless of the required labor).


Software Engineering Doctorate

Atilim University

2011 → Current
  • Developing high-performance metal forming simulation software.
  • Development of multi-threaded and concurrent software in C++ with very high performance requirements.

M.S. Computer Engineer

Atilim University

2007 → 2010
  • Developed a fast combinatorial auction framework (which can obtain results arıund seven seconds) using an agent framework. System can work in extremely distributed fashion if it needs to and can scale very well.
  • Had a GPA of 3.5

B.S. Computer Engineer

Atilim University

2002 → 2007
  • Developed a compression algorithm exploiting hyphenation property of Turkish Language. Won the best graduation project award with the algorithm and written a paper about this work.

Open Source


Jan 2016 → Current (3 years, 9 months) 38 commits / 2,124 ++ / 161 -- Last commit on Mar 26, 19

Contains commonly used Vagrant machine definitions to easily create VMs ready for development.


Feb 2015 → Current (4 years, 8 months)

A small tool to convert normal IP addresses to hexadecimal versions and vice versa.


Feb 2015 → Current (4 years, 8 months)

A small tool to backup remote windows shares over cifs using rsync.


Jul 2012 → Current (7 years, 3 months)

Common Logger is a small logging library that I wrote for a project.

I'm the developer of the library and the demo application.


Nov 2011 → Current (7 years, 11 months)

A text based, simple day time tracker which I've written to help my efforts to see what I've done during the day.

I'm the developer of the application.

Top Posts


Minimizing "idle" writes on a file system

Oct 2013
You don't need to switch to ext2, you can tune ext3. You can change fsck requirements of a filesystem using tune2fs. A quick look tells me the correct command is tune2fs -c <mount-count>, but ...

How can a filesystem be copied exactly as is?

Oct 2013
I generally use one of the following alternatives: rsync -aHAX (add v for verbosity) makes sure that you preserve any link structure and x-attrs in the target folder while copying. Don't forget a ...

Massive, unpredictable I/O performance drop in Linux

Oct 2013
I managed to reproduce the problem again and it was result of a big disk cache. My disk caches can grow more than 8GB and seems that some applications doesn't like it and I/O suffers. Dropping disk ...

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First computer Commodore 64
Favorite editor vi




I always wanted to become a computer engineer, a guy who knows all about the computers, since I had my first PC in second grade. After managing to get the required education to become one, I only became more curious about computers and the related technology.

I'm driven by my curiosity, I work on the things because I like the challenges, unknowns and the mental reward of success. I also see programming as an act of creation and I treat source code is a form of art which has an aesthetic aspect. While I like to use other people's frameworks and libraries, I also like the challenge of creating a better framework or tool and share it with the world. I love the effort of inventing and creating something new.

When I'm not reading to learn something new, I take photographs, play bass and double bass or listen to the music.